Hello and welcome to my favorite coral and orange lipsticks for spring and summer!

As mentioned before in my bright pink post, most of the lipsticks I own are MAC, so these posts will contain a whole ‘lotta’ MAC. I will note below if these are limited edition but for this post, there is only one that’s LE.

I used to have a serious aversion to anything even slightly hued orange, not sure why but I never liked it until recent years. Now I am really into a lot of these colors for lips and nails and I’m glad I gave them a chance. 🙂

Spring and summer is the perfect time to bust out a coral or orange lip, they just go so well with warm weather, so without further ado, let’s do this!


MAC Cut A Caper Image
Cut A Caper

Cut A Caper (Lustre and LE) is a kind of sheer peachy coral color, and one of my favorites. It looks more pink/peach on my lips than it does on my hand.

MAC Full Speed Image
Full Speed

Full Speed (Sheen Supreme) is a very pretty pink/coral color and my favorite one from the Sheen Supreme collection. The only problem I have with this is it’s SO drying so after about an hour or two my lips feel super chapped. Wah! But it is so pretty I still wear it over a thin layer of MAC Lip Conditioner.

MAC Shy Girl Image
Shy Girl

Shy Girl (Cremesheen) is an older color, in fact one I have had for years and really love. It’s a coral/beige color on the neutral side. This one looks great with a warmer or cooler look since it’s so neutral.

MAC Ravishing Image

Ravishing (Cremesheen) is a peach/coral color kind of medium toned on me. Lately I am really into this one as well, I love it for spring.

MAC Toxic Tale Image
Toxic Tale

Toxic Tale (Satin and Limited Edition) is a bright pink/coral color. Again this one looks a little more coral on my hand than on my lips. Bright and cheery, love it!

MAC Good To Go Image
Good To Go

Good To Go (Pro Longwear Lipcreme) is a bright orange. I think this might be the color that turned me onto clean bright orange lipstick. First off the Pro Longwear formula is completely amazing. It’s so smooth, opaque and really moisturizing compared to 99% of all other MAC lipsticks. Gorgeous color!

MAC Neon Orange Image
Neon Orange

Neon Orange (Amplified Creme) is a super bright, neon orange. Not for the faint of heart, this one looks much brighter in person than this photo depicts. Love how much color saturation you get from this one, so pretty!

Vegas Volt

Vegas Volt (Amplified Creme) is one I literally JUST got yesterday afternoon after turning in a bunch of empties. I am putting this on the list of my favorites because it’s immediately one of those colors that I LOVE and have no idea how I didn’t have before! It’s a very pretty coral color with a hint of pink. Smitten!

So what do we think abut coral and orange lipsticks? What are some of your favorite ones?


Written by Kelly
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