Ready to slip back to a time long ago (or maybe not depending on how old you are) when Crayola was your “favorite brand”? 🙂

Crayola now has a line of scented nail polish out, believe it or not! I saw these at Rite Aid in the Crayola section when I was checking out the office supplies and of course knew they must be mine.

I’ve mentioned before how I think the scented nail polish thing is a gimmick, but Crayola and nail polish just go together so well, they couldn’t be passed up.

These are mini bottles at just 0.20 oz each, but all are bright shimmery colors.

The formula was what you might expect for a nail polish aimed at 10 year olds (I presume). They were a little thin and watery and took three coats to cover completely.

The scent is very accurate for all of these and before they even dry you can smell them. They are definitely stronger than most other scented polishes I have used!

Crayola Nail Polish Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is a bright fun fuchsia pink with a purple/pink shimmer. It’s a good pink, though extremely sheer and watery.

Crayola Nail Polish Orange

Orange is a bright orange with heavy yellow shimmer. I am totally loving this color, it’s my favorite one here, surprisingly! This was more opaque than most of the others, but I still used three coats.

Crayola Nail Polish Green Apple
Green Apple

Green Apple is a bright green with yellow/green shimmer. Again very fun color and really quite nice! I think this is my second favorite here.

Crayola Nail Polish Blueberry

Blueberry is a bright navy blue with blue shimmer. Fun!

Crayola Nail Polish Grape

Grape is a medium royal purple with pink and blue shimmer. This too was one of the more watery and thin ones, but looks nice after three coats.


I think these are kind of fun, if not a little childish for me. 🙂

Availability: Rite Aid

Pricing: $4.99

What do you think about Crayola nail polish?


Written by Kelly
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