Illamasqua’s Throb collection includes three new nail varnishes, one of which I showed before (Scorn).

Now I’m not skiddish about makeup names, and I like a an edgy collection but I have to say one of the names of the colors goes a little past edgy into just gross. It kind of gives me the willies when I think too much about it.

  • Scorn – Midnight black matte
  • Load – Rich creme
  • Throb – Blood red creme


Despite the somewhat revolting name, Load is actually a pretty cool and unusual color. It’s an off-white with hints of yellow going on. It was quite streaky (and thick) at first but I managed to get it pretty even after three coats.


Throb is an utterly gorgeous bright, shiny, cool red creme. It reminds me of lacquered Chinese furniture or something, so pretty. Might be the perfect red creme on planet earth. It was far less thick and streaky than Throb, in fact it applied like butter. I used two coats here.


I already reviewed it here, check it out.

These are available now!

What do you think about both the colors and names?


Written by Kelly
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