Well it’s the first Monday of 2011 and I for one am starting it out right — by not being at work 😀 I do go back tomorrow (loud sigh) though. Are you back to your “normal” schedule yet?

I really do have spring on my mind a lot lately, which is interesting considering I look out my window and all I have seen for the past few weeks for the most part are grey, wet, foggy days. But indoors in my office it’s ALL color and sunshine!

Dashing Diva’s spring 2011 collection will surely get you in the mind-set for longer warmer days as well. The formula was really good on these, thick but easy to apply, with good opacity in two coats.


Butter-Me-Up is a very pretty light butter yellow with heavy yellow/gold shimmer. I was a bit convinced when I saw it that it would be a dupe for Chanel’s new Pearl Drop, but nope. This is much more yellow, with heavier shimmer and warmer. I prefer this one actually. I was really surprised by how thick and opaque it was, considering how light it look. You could almost do a single coat. It does apply “like butter”. 😀

Baby Blue-mers

Baby Blue-mers is a pale blue with silver shimmer. I thought this was going to be a bit too frosty at the start but it’s more shimmery looking. Nice color!

East Side Envy

East Side Envy is a yellowish green base with yellow shimmer and a frosty finish. This was the only one that I had slight application issues with. It’s on the thinner side and tended to pool a bit. Could have been because I didn’t wait long in-between coats, but I didn’t wait in-between coats on any of the others either and they didn’t do this. Seems like frost colors do this pooling a lot actually. Wonder what causes that? Anyway, it’s an ok color, not my favorite because of the frosted look it has.

I Lilac Nothin’

I Lilac Nothin’ is a shiny, bright lilac creme. It might not be the most unique color ever, but it sure is pretty and is totally perfect for spring.

So Much Melon-Drama

So Much Melon-Drama is a pink/coral creme. I am really loving this one actually and didn’t think I would care much about it. It’s really shiny and feminine looking, not too orange on my skin. Nice!


Bluetylicious is a medium blue creme. It too is very shiny on its own, but not all that unique. Pretty, but I could pass this one up myself.


I think this is a good collection but maybe not as unique as I would have hoped for. The must have colors for me are Butter-Me-Up, Baby Blue-mers and So Much Melon Drama. It might be nice to have East Side Envy if you are looking for that kind of green and definitely I Lilac Nothin’ if you don’t have a lilac creme. I would pass on Bluetylicious unless you don’t have a blue similar to it.

I am not sure when this collection will be available, I believe some time in January on their website. The colors are $8.00 each.

How are you feeling about these, warm or cold?


Written by Kelly
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