Milani has a new, yet seemingly hard to find nail collection called Rockstar Heavy Glitter.

I lucked out finding these at the second CVS I went to (where these are being found most often). They were also on sale, buy one get one 50% off, so score!

The rumor is these aren’t limited edition, they will be part of the core 2011 collection, but I haven’t confirmed that with my Milani contact yet.

These are all glittery “top coats” meant to be opaque in one coat. I did two coats of all to get the most coverage, but you could probably do one thicker coat. The formula is pretty nice; not too thick and not “gloopy” as some thick glitter polishes can be. I thought for sure the finish would be super gritty and chunky feeling because they look that way without a top coat, but they were surprisingly pretty smooth.

Removal isn’t THAT bad, it does tend to leave tiny sugar-sprinkle like glittery bits all over, but you can get them off. The two larger glitter ones (Gold & Jems) are super easy to remove since they have big chunks.

Blue Flash

Blue Flash is a bright opaque blue with blue glitter. Wow! The coverage on this is totally amazing and I love the blue color.

Gold Glitz

Gold Glitz is a pretty gold with red and gold glitter. Hawt!

Silver Dazzle

Silver Dazzle is a dark charcoal silver color with silver glitter. It can look kind of blue-ish depending on the lighting. Very nice, I think it’s my favorite one here.

Red Sparkle

Red Sparkle is a gorgeous bright red with red glitter. Wow again! I wasn’t expecting this to be quite this amazing, it’s so opaque and pretty!

Purple Gleam

Purple Gleam is a bright royal purple with lighter purple glitter. Another gorgeous color, super saturated and so nice!


Gold is a clear base with large hexagonal gold glitter chunks. This is kind of a pain to be honest. It’s one of those that you have to kind of place the glitter where you want, and the glitter tends to want to all move to the tip of the nail as you brush it on.


Jems is a clear base full of different sized and colored glitter pieces. We have tiny gold, green and red, pieces and then larger hexagonal also. This one was easier to apply than Gold, the glitter stayed in place better. I haven’t yet compared it to Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, but when I look at my swatch of it and look at this, they look pretty darn close!


I think this is a pretty cool collection, but not something to go crazy for, for me. I feel like most of these glitters have been done before, although these are most definitely super opaque, compared to most. I very rarely find myself actually wearing a glitter polish for more than the time it takes me to swatch it though. So there you have it!

Ok folks I want to know, which ones are you loving here?

Stay tuned for a giveaway of this entire collection!!


Written by Kelly
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