MAC Peacocky is a new winter 2011 collection jam-packed with saturated and vibrant colors.

Peacocky includes the new Kissable Lipcolours and Mega Metal Shadows, which come in 15 (!!) new colors!

  • Peek-at-You – Frosted yellow white
  • Dalliance – Light champagne
  • Prance – Frosted mauve pearl
  • Top of the Posh – Frosted white pink
  • Tweet Me – Gold bronze
  • Mating Call – Dirty frosted violet
  • Odalisque – Deep teal
  • Sexpectations – Metallic burgundy
  • Paparazz-she – Deep copper bronze
  • Ego – Forest green
  • Noir Plum – True purple with silver pearl
  • Dandizette – Navy with silver pearl
  • Spectacle of Yourself – Deep bronze
  • Centre Stage – Frosted chocolate brown
  • Unflappable – Frosted black with purple pearl

I am loving that these shadows come in a larger 0.11 oz size, which is just over twice the size of a normal MAC eyeshadow, though they are also more expensive.

Mating Call


Mating Call, Odalisque

Both of these shadows are really pretty pigmented, but especially Odalisque.

Mating Call is a great muted violet shade with a really cool reflective sheen.

Odalisque is a very deep blue/teal that seems very oceanic to me.

Neither really gave off a super “metal” feeling to me, more like a mild metallic finish. Maybe some of the other gold/bronze/silver colors look more chrome-like.


Hard to say having judged just two out of fifteen colors, but these ones are both gorgeous colors that I would wear. They feel soft and are really saturated, so I am definitely interested in checking out some of the others now!

These will be available on January 6th in North America and February Internationally, and will retail for $19.50.

What do you think about Mating Call and Odalisque?


Written by Kelly
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