Ready for some serious lip color? If so then you might want to check out Hard Candy’s Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossy Lip Pencils.

These are chubby pencils that are basically a combination of lipstick and lip gloss. If you check out Hard Candy’s website the description says they are sheer, but CLEARLY they are way off base (maybe some of the colors are sheer) because these babies are super, duper colorful and saturated.

All three of these colors are shimmery also, and for once it’s obvious shimmer that doesn’t disappear once it’s on the lips. Yay!

They come in about 15 different colors, but I think these three might be some of the newer ones.

I mentioned above that these are saturated, and that’s no lie. However I did find out they are VERY soft also, which can make application a little tricky. They almost melt into the lips and it can be hard to get a perfect line around the edge of your lips. I would suggest using a lip iner for sure with these because I have a feeling they bleed, but I haven’t worn them long enough to prove that. My swatches are done without a lip liner and you can see the edges aren’t perfect at all.

These feel very moist and non-sticky on and don’t have much scent if any. Also bonus for being really glossy!


Babe is a bright fuchsia pink with blue/purple shimmer. This is bright but not so bright it’s not wearable. Of the three here I think it’s the most “tame” and super flattering.



Jezebel is a very saturated medium-dark pink/purple with pink/purple shimmer. Wow this color is amazing and totally mesmerizes me! This is definitely not a ‘natural’ look and while I would wear this color during the day, some people might find it too colorful or bright.


Candy Apple

Candy Apple is a bright candy apple red with pink/red shimmer. This color is SUPER glossy and just an amazing blue-based red. This was my favorite of the three, it’s SO PRETTY!!

Candy Apple

Candy Apple, Babe, Jezebel (ONE swipe each here!)


In terms of color, these are extremely pigmented and all three are beautiful colors. The formula was a little soft and “melty” feeling, but also very moist and glossy. I am willing to sacrifice ease of application (must use a lip liner) for the color payoff and price, so for me these are highly recommended!

What do you think about these folks? Your style or too over the top?


Written by Kelly
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