Hard Candy has three newish nail colors out and I picked them up last time I saw them. Two looked extremely familiar so I wanted to do some comparisons.

The formula on these was hit & miss. One was pretty thick and not so easy to work with while the other two were pretty good.

Sky and Beetle


Sky is a very pale icy blue with subtle blue shimmer. The color itself is super pretty and one of my favorite blues. The formula left something to be desired. My bottle was fairly thick and a bit sticky feeling. It’s also pretty streaky and took three thick coats to get it even. I normally don’t mind doing three coats, but this was so thick it didn’t look all that great close up. Also even after three coats you can still faintly see the nail line. It’s been said that this is a dupe for Chanel Riva. I would say they are extremely close, but not dupes.

Sky on pointer & ring, Riva on middle & pinky

Riva is a tiny bit darker of a blue, less white looking. Also the shimmer in Riva is different. Sky seems more of an all-over opalescent type of shimmer whereas Riva is more just pale blue shimmer. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I do see a subtle difference between the two. But to the average person, I think they are close enough, especially when comparing the price difference!

As far as formula I would give it to Riva over Sky. Sky was so thick for me compared to my Chanel. Both lasted about the same amount of time on my nails before showing signs of wear, which was 2 days. That’s standard for me. I still have a *really* hard time believing anyone actually wears a polish with NO signs of wear for more than 4 days. I just don’t see how it’s possible!


Mushroom is a deep moth brown taupe creme. This is a great dark taupe, super shiny and flattering. Yes there probably is a dupe (or close enough) out there for this too, but I didn’t have time to check my 10,000 taupes to find it. ­čśë This applied really nicely, on the thin side. This was three coats.


Beetle is a glittery duochrome that changes form purple to red to green to brown depending on the lighting. The formula was pretty good with this one, thin and smooth. I needed three coats for total coverage. Does this look familiar to you though? Me too…

Beetle on pointer, Orly Space Cadet on middle, MAC Mean & Green on ring

Beetle is basically the same as Orly Space Cadet & MAC Mean & Green with a very small difference. The glitter/shimmer in Beetle is packed together more closely, so there is less of the greenish effect coming through. You can see more green if you look at my middle & ring finger than on my pointer. So basically the glitter is more dense with Beetle, but the colors are all so similar one is as good as the others.

The formula of this is good, but perhaps not quite as good as Orly, but better than MAC. I haven’t done a wear test on it yet, but am guessing it’s just a couple days for me.


I think all three of these colors are great and if you cannot find or don’t want to spend the cash on the other similar brands, then these are a perfect alternative. The only caveat is Walmart isn’t easy to find in a lot of places, so some people might find it easier to get the Orly/MAC/Chanel, etc.

Folks, I want to know what you think about these comparisons!

P.S. Stay tuned for another giveaway featuring two of these colors! ­čÖé


Written by Kelly
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