Yay for coffee and waking up, woot! I am finally awake and feeling like a normal human being; for a Monday that is. 😉

As you might know, the Sephora VIB 20% off sale is going on until tonight and I was able to grab a couple more items this weekend. Specifically I grabbed the Tokidoki Cromatico Adieu Eyeshadow Palette and also the Robbery palette (review coming soon).

Adieu is another 4 color palette that features some seriously glittery amazing colors in the purple range.

Oh and in case you need some back-story on who Adieu is as a character, she is the stylish Parisian cousin of Ciao Ciao. 🙂

Back of box

Adieu palette

L to R, Clockwise: Carina, Ciao Ciao, Adieu, Al Dente

Keychain on bottom layer of palette

L to R: Carina, Ciao Ciao, Adieu, Al Dente

Carina is a soft, glittery white. Adieu is a pink/lavender with blue duochrome. Ciao Ciao is a deep royal purple with slight blue flash. Al Dente is an intense black with lavender glitter.

Just like the Mozzarella palette I reviewed last week, these shadows were (mostly) incredibly soft and had massive color payoff. The one exception was Carina. It was a bit chalky and gritty feeling and I really had to apply a lot to get the swatch to show up. This was definitely the weakling of this palette and the only one I didn’t like.

The other three are just incredible colors, and felt so nice and soft. Even Al Dente really surprised me being as black and opaque as it is. Beautiful!

As with Mozzarella you have to watch for major fallout, especially with Carina and Al Dente, which are more glittery rather than shimmery.


Totally recommend this palette, especially if you are a fan of purple. Even though Carina was a color I wouldn’t use, the other three are totally worth it.

Let’s hear what you think about this one compared to Mozzarella!


Written by Kelly
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