Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color Swatches & Review

Stila has a new product out called Long Wear Liquid Lip Color and *WOW* the stuff is gold people, gold!

What it is is a liquid lipstick that comes in a tube. It’s the look and convenience of a lip gloss, but the color payoff of a lipstick. There are currently six different colors being offered.

This stuff is incredibly opaque. I’m talking OCC Lip Tar opaque. A tiny amount goes a very long way. The texture is a smooth velvety matte and it applies so smoothly and easily. It dries to a matte finish and does not rub off! More on that in a second.

When I first swatched this on my lips I  was blown away by how amazing it was, but a little worried about it being matte because I have really dry lips. I can tell you though that it’s nowhere near as drying on me as MAC lipsticks are. While the texture feels dry, it doesn’t dry my lips out. Does that even make sense? It’s true.

This morning I applied Muse at 5:50 AM. I ate breakfast, drank coffee and water and 6 hours later the color has not budged, faded, bled, rubbed off or anything! It looks like I just applied it!





L to R: Muse, Caprice

Muse is like the perfect nude/pink color for me. It reminds me so much of MAC Viva Glam II, which is the most worn lipstick I have ever used (gone through a few tubes, which is very rare for me)!

Caprice is an amazing hot pink that is bright, but totally wearable.


I cannot tell you how amazed I am by this stuff! I absolutely love it and highly recommend it. If you feel it still might be too dry for you, you can always add a tiny layer of a lip balm under or over it for extra moisture. The only reason I am rating it an A- instead of A is because the price is on the higher side.

I would love to know if you have tried this yet or what you think of these swatches!



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  • November 15, 2010

    Wow! I love those colours & the longevity is really making me want to splash out! Thanks for the post :) Xxx
    ZebyK´s last post…Reader Participation Required Please!My Profile

  • November 15, 2010

    I would love to try this, but I’m never sure how to choose the right color for me. I end up getting something too pink or too nude!

    • November 15, 2010

      Hi MississippiMama,

      It can be tricky online for sure. I was in the store when I saw them so it helped. There was one that looked like a nice pink but on my hand it looked way brown for me.

  • November 15, 2010

    I want to try this as I’m so busy at the office and don’t always have time to reapply! Thanks!

  • November 15, 2010

    Wow Muse looks sooo pretty, I would definitely wear it! Thank you for the swatches 😉


  • November 15, 2010

    This really looks very nice. Like this.

  • November 15, 2010

    Muse looks great on you indeed!
    I wish I could find myself the perfect nude color…but it seems almost impossible, everything “nude” looks chalky on me…
    Sarah B.´s last post…Travenails Italy- Pt3- MilanMy Profile

  • November 15, 2010

    These have some serious color payoff don’t they?
    I also noticed that Caprice doesn’t appear quite as matte as Muse, or maybe you took the photo before it had a chance to set… Regardless, both colors look fab on you, which generally translates to they’d look good on me :-) as I’m pretty pale too. I should really find out my MAC shade to compare. Does it make me a bad makeup junkie that I don’t know that?

    Hmmm… the more I look, the more I’m loving Caprice!

  • November 15, 2010

    Oh my! Caprice is my kind of color! I need to add that to my wish list :) Muse reminds me a bit of UD’s Naked. Great color.
    Phyrra´s last post…Stila Artist’s Inspiration PaletteMy Profile

  • November 15, 2010

    Muse is awesome. :)
    Jen´s last post…Bye bye HeatherMy Profile

  • November 15, 2010

    I like them a lot! I love the fact that it goes on like a gloss, need to get to the store and check them out!

  • November 15, 2010

    Viva Glam II is one of my top 5 lipsticks, so I’m thinking that Muse will totally work for me, too! Hooray! Love a good longwear.

  • November 16, 2010

    Muse is playing tricks on me. In the tube and on the wand, it looks like a warm color… but on your skin, it seems to have cool undertones. Plus long wearability? Yes, please.

  • November 16, 2010

    WOW! crazy color payoff! this isn’t really my particular choice of look, but it is awesome for what it is. great review!

  • November 17, 2010

    I’ve been vascillating about this for weeks – – reason I haven’t given in was an unpleasant smell I detected when I swatched it. Did you notice anything ‘foul’ like that? Maybe it was just the tester – – –

    • November 18, 2010

      Hi Leigh,

      Nope, mine don’t smell bad at all.

  • November 18, 2010

    They both look great on you, but I’m really loving Caprice. I think it’s because it makes me think of, “Girls night out! WooHoo!”

    I doubt if either color would look good on me, corals seems to be the best choice for my medium sallow skin tone, and I bet they have some nice corals.
    Donna´s last post…Another Great GiveawayMy Profile