Hi folks!

Feeling very behind and sleepy so just to get something new posted I’ll show you two colors from Orly’s In The Navy Collection, which came out in the summer.

This won’t be wordy at all since I can barely formulate a sentence at the moment. 🙂

Royal Navy

Royal Navy is a SUPER bright, vivid amazing medium blue with light blue glitter. Cameras cannot capture the true brilliance of this blue. It’s gorgeous and just two coats.

Star Spangled

Star Spangled is a bright red with red glitter. It definitely fits the theme of this collection, but it also seems to be a perfect Christmas holiday red as well. Great formula, smooth and buttery and opaque in two coats.

The only other color in this small set is a white one, which I didn’t bother buying since it’s just a basic white creme.

Short, sweet and to the point.

Hopefully I will wake up and get motivated to post again later. 🙂


Written by Kelly
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