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Zoya’s new winter/holiday collection for 2010 is called Fire & Ice and it’s comprised of six new glittery metallic colors. There are three here that are more foil-like and three that are more shimmery.

Confession: I am not a huge fan of glitter. I find that these types of polishes tend to chip a lot quicker on me and removal is a serious pain. Having said that there are some colors here that I really like, despite the glittery mess they may make when I want to take ’em off! Here is a video I did on my YouTube channel that might help some of you with glitter removal 🙂

The formula was pretty standard for Zoya, meaning really nice. The first three colors here (foil ones) I did need three coats for maximum opacity. The last three I only needed two.


Crystal is a medium blue foil with heavy yellow glitter. This is the one that caught my eye immediately when I first saw the package and I thought I would just love it. I love the blue/yellow combo, it’s pretty unique. But once I applied it I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. It’s nice, but didn’t slay me. I did wear this one already a couple weeks ago and it chipped within a day and a half. For me that’s pretty standard for heavy glitters.


Gloria is a pink foil with super heavy gold glitter. This is really pretty, I wound up liking it more than I thought I would.


Tiffany is a pale champagne pink foil with heavy gold glitter. Not really loving this color on me really, it’s just ok in my book.


Lisa is a bright cherry red with red glitter and a gold duochrome effect. Wow! This baby is RED and super pretty. I am totally loving this one and somehow this was uber creamy also. Great winter/holiday color!


Sarah is a deep red with red glitter and gold flashes. This too is just stunning. It’s deeper and not as bright as Lisa. You have to see it in person to see how amazing the shimmer and depth is.


Valerie is a dark purple with a gold and pink duochrome effect. Beautiful! It’s so deep and pigmented and the glitter inside gives it a beautiful glow. This was my favorite one here.


I love the deeper shimmery colors, and only like the lighter foil ones. I felt like the deeper ones applied more creamy and definitely more opaque and I just *really* felt them for this upcoming holiday season more than the others. For me the must haves are Lisa, Sarah and Valerie.

Which of these is calling your name?


Written by Kelly
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