Lumenesse Age-Defying Colour Care Sale!

Recently I was give the opportunity to try a shampoo, conditioner and styling lotion from the brand Lumenesse. Being the hair whore that I am, why of course I said yes! :)

Background: My hair type is fine and colored, and I’m always looking for anything to help give it body, shine and not weigh it down.

Lumenesse has a line out called age-defying colour care and I tried the Hydrating shampoo, conditioner and the Shine Define Sculpting Lotion.

What makes these products unique and different from a typical drugstore shampoo you ask? Well I’ve got some information for ya about them!

  • Made with exclusive nano-pentapeptides for strengthening, repairing and protecting hair
  • Nano Fade Defense with full spectrum UV blockers helps your hair color stay true
  • Antioxidants and vitamins are included to help nourish your hair
  • They are made with certified organic botanicals
  • They don’t contain sulfides, parabens or salts that can strip color from your hair
  • The ingredients are eco-compliant
  • They do no test on animals or include any animal ingredients

The first thing I do when I get a new shampoo and conditioner is sniff them to make sure it doesn’t smell horrible. These don’t. They have a very herbal-type of scent but not as strong as some of the Aveda products I have tried and disliked. I wasn’t sold on the scent at first but after 3 days I actually really started to like it. The scent of the sculpting lotion is very nice right off the bat, more flowery than herbal.

The Hydrating shampoo does an excellent job of lathering up and rinsing out clean. A pet peeve of mine is a shampoo that doesn’t lather well, but this definitely does. My hair feels clean and nice after it’s rinsed out and it does a good job of removing all styling products that were in it.

The Hydrating conditioner is very creamy feeling and you don’t need much of the product. I leave it on for a couple minutes then rinse it out. It rinses out pretty cleanly and leaves my hair soft, but not too soft. I have used really heavy conditioners that weighed it down so much that my hair looked like limp pasta, but this doesn’t. When I comb through it after I get out of the shower, it combs through easily with no tangles or pulling.

The Shine Define Sculpting Lotion is a clear, kind of thick styling lotion that you put through your hair while it’s wet, then style with a blow dryer, etc. I use a dime-sized amount. I always feel the need to put product in my hair both before and after blow drying because my hair is fine so I like to give it some “stickiness” to help it from being too soft and slippery, but also to help define. This product works pretty good, but I don’t like it quite as much as the shampoo and conditioner. It does help make my hair feel soft and not “too” clean, but I don’t know if it does much for helping define the layers or style itself. They say it has an invisible anti-UV shield in it, which is a bonus. I don’t have much fading with any blond color I have ever had, but I most certainly have with browns, reds and purples, so if UV protection can help, then that’s great in my book.


I have only been using these for about 5 days so I can’t verify that my hair is healthier and my color hasn’t faded. As I mentioned above, my hair doesn’t fade when it’s blond, and it’s usually very shiny and healthy anyway. However I can say I genuinely do like the shampoo and conditioner and would buy them myself (on sale). I don’t think I would purchase the styling lotion as I have found other products that work better for me.


Lumenesse is having a private sale on today until October 22nd, and it’s a pretty good deal compared to the normal price of their products. For the trio of products that I discussed hereĀ  the cost is $24.99 and normally it’s $70.00. The shampoo bottle size is 12 oz, the conditioner is 10.1 oz and the sculpting lotion is 10.1 oz.

Grade: B

FYI – You do have to register with Beautyticket to get access to the sale, which people might not be inclined to do. Just thought I would let you know!


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