Deborah Lippmann has some new colors out for holiday 2010 and they are glitter-tastic!

I have definitely warmed up to these larger, chunkier glitter nail polish since the ones last year. For me those just did not work at all, but now I think Deborah is onto something really good. And no, we are not on a first name basis, lol!

Boom Boom Pow

Boom Boom Pow is a “24-carat gold flecked explosion” (Deborah Lippmann’s words that I loved) that she was inspired to create on an editorial shoot with Kate Moss. Kate was being photographed nude but covered with gold jewelry and Deborah wanted to capture this amazing effect in a nail polish, so Boom Boom Pow was born.

Boom Boom Pow Macro

Boom Boom Pow

This polish has a really pretty, yet sheer gold base. The base is shimmery micro gold. The glitter in this includes both tiny and small hexagonal pieces. The glitter chunks are not jam packed in there, but aren’t sparse either. I think it’s the perfect amount actually. With each swipe of a coat you definitely get both shapes in an even amount. I did let each coat dry for about 1-1 1/2 minutes in-between swatching and noticed the chunks stayed in place much better than with previous chunky glitters by her. Love that. This was three coats. You probably won’t ever get a completely opaque finish with this color, but that’s ok. I think it would look incredible over black or green.

Today Was A Fairytale

Today Was A Fairytale is a “Virgin Diamond Powder-infused silvery-blue starlight shade with brilliant silver sequins”. Again that was a quote because she said it so well. This color was created with Cher and Mariah Carey, both known for their major hand gestures. Deborah wanted to create a polish that sparkled so fans in the audience could see it.

Today Was A Fairytale Macro

Today Was A Fairytale

This polish base is a medium-deep silvery blue. There is a lot of micro hexagonal glitter as well as larger hexagonal silver sequins. Compared to Boom Boom Pow, this one has a lot more glitter/sequins going on, but it totally works. The base color is darker so you might be able to get away with just wearing this on it’s own and not feeling “naked”. It applied really nicely and I did the same thing as with the other. I waited about 1- 1 1/2 minutes in-between coats and I didn’t have any problems with the glitter moving around on the nail. This is super blingy and totally pretty, I love it. This was three coats. I can’t wait to also try this one over a black or maybe silver or blue!


These are both really pretty colors and the formula totally works. I am really feeling the holiday, sparkly vibe these give off!

What do you think about these for the holidays?


Written by Kelly
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