China Glaze is putting out a monumental holiday 2010 collection this year called ‘Tis the Season to be Naughty and Nice. It’s comprised of sixteen (SIXTEEN!) new colors!

They have featured some of the standard holiday colors we expect such as green, red, white, silver and gold, but also some deep plums and blue colors.

The collection features various finishes too, which I am really happy about. I love having options, a full on 16 piece glitter set or creme set would make me bored after a bit, but this is perfect.

Because this collection is so large I am breaking it down into three separate posts. Today’s post features:

  • Party Hearty – Green, gold & red chunky glitter
  • Peace On Earth – Olive green shimmer
  • Mistletoe Kisses – Green glitter
  • Frosty – White frosty shimmer
  • Jolly Holly – Forest green shimmer
  • Sugar Plums – Plum shimmer

Party Hearty

Party Hearty is a super chunky glitter featuring gold, green and red glitter chunks. The glitter varies in both size and shape and both the green and gold have two sizes of glitter, while the red is only large hexagonal chunks. I cannot think of another nail polish that captures the Christmas holiday colors more than this one. It’s just beyond cool, and I am smitten with it. Not only do I like it on it’s own, but over any white, green, red, gold or silver polish it would just be amazing. As with most heavy glitters you need to wait a couple minutes in-between coats to ensure the chunks don’t move around. It’s obviously not going to be smooth unless you use a top coat. This was three coats.

Party Hearty (macro)

Party Hearty (zoom)

Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth is an amazing, glowy olive green shimmer with a heavy yellow flash. Gorgeous! I don’t normally think “olive green” when I think of green for the holidays, but that’s what makes me so happy. It’s a great pleasant surprise. The formula isn’t streaky per se, but I would use thinner coats and even strokes because it seems to want to be streaky when it’s wet. But then it dries pretty brush-stroke free. This was two coats.

Peace On Earth (macro)

Mistletoe Kisses

Mistletoe Kisses is a medium evergreen colored glitter. This baby is jam-packed with glittery goodness and has excellent coverage. I half expected this to be sheer and not as opaque on the nail, but it’s really nice. I used two coats here and got really nice coverage. Another really perfect holiday green!

Mistletoe Kisses (macro)


Frosty is a soft white color packed with silver glitter. The white isn’t WHITE white, if you know what I mean. It has a soft marshmallow-y effect to it somehow. The glitter is really beautiful also, it’s hard to tell in the photos but it has green and pink in it. The coverage of this was on the heavier side also, which is good since lighter whites always seem to be too sheer. This was nice and thick, but not unmanageable. I think this white has probably definitely made my top 5 white list. This was three coats.

Frosty (macro)

Jolly Holly

Jolly Holly is a forest green shimmer with an amazing glow. Lit from within. Man this color is cool, and even cooler in nice lighting. It’s deep, yet glowing and you cannot take your eyes off it. I was mesmerized! The shimmer is green, blue and yellow. The coverage and formula was really buttery, and I only needed two coats.

Jolly Holly (macro)

Sugar Plums

Sugar Plums is a deep plum red with purple, pink and green glitter. This is kind of an unexpected color for the holidays because we usually see bright reds. Well ok, they did include some bright reds, but I am digging this deeper red thing. I have to say I don’t love the formula though. It applied nicely and all but the glitter seemed to make my nails look and feel lumpy. Not lumpy like you get with chunky glitter, lumpy like it’s bubbled almost. The glitter didn’t settle nicely in the polish on the nail, so it looked a little off to me. The color and idea are great just the execution didn’t work on me for some reason. This was really saturated also and I only needed two coats.

Sugar Plums (macro)


My overall and grade this time is just for these 6 colors and I say two HUGE thumbs up!! I think there are some really unique holiday colors in here. Perhaps ones we didn’t expect but really work. There wasn’t a single one I didn’t like and quite a few I am in love with. The must haves here are: Party Hearty, Peace On Earth and Jolly Holly. Really nice to have would be Mistletoe Kisses and Frost. Sugar Plums is pretty but the formula wasn’t the greatest.

Grade: A

Ok folks I wanna know what you are thinking about these colors for the holidays!


Written by Kelly
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