The last couple months I have yammered on about Seche Vite Rebuild and how I liked it and had been testing it. Well I think it’s safe to say I love it now and totally recommend it.

What Rebuild is, is a nail strengthener for weak, peeling and thin nails, which I definitely have. It helps seal the layers of the nail together to prevent the peeling and splitting that can happen.

I have been having peeling issues for as long as I can remember. Especially now, as I age my nails have gotten a lot more ridges than previously (this can happen with age but also can be hereditary). For me what happens on a couple of my nails (mainly my middle finger of right hand) is the ridge is so deep that it goes up my nail to the tip, and then splits at the tip. And it’s not something I can cut off and fix because it does it no matter the length. Damn you RIDGES!!!!!!

So when I was sent this Rebuild to test out I was really hoping it would help. It did!

Rebuild is a milky colored strengthener, but when you apply it on the nail it’s pretty clear looking. It takes a little longer to dry than some base coats, but still around 3 minutes or so.

For the first week I wore Rebuild alone, with nothing over it just to test it out. It stayed on my nails without chipping for probably 3 days. Other strengtheners I have tried (Nail Tek II for instance) only lasted a day or less without coming off, so that’s a bonus. It leaves your nails looking shiny and nice, not dull.

Then I asked Seche Vite via Twitter if you can use it as a regular base coat and they said yes. I was SO happy because I cannot deal with not wearing polish for long!

As a base coat Rebuild works really, really well for me. I noticed that my polish was wearing longer than normal. I thought it was maybe a fluke with the first color so I kept on using it. Without fail, every color/brand I wore over it lasted from a day to 3 days longer than normal. I even was able to wear one color (cannot remember what now) for FIVE days before I had to remove it, which is unheard of! So yeah, it’s my new go-to base coat. I love it because not only is it helping the polish last, it’s strengthening my nails under there!

Oh but you wanted to hear about my nail health, right? It took about a week-10 days for me to really notice any difference as far as the health of my nails. But then I started realizing I wasn’t having to cut them down as often because of splits. I was having a lot less peeling than normal also. That’s not to say it cured my nails or every ailment though. My ridges are still there (like pores, you cannot get rid of ridges permanently) and I do still have some peeling from time to time. But it’s really helped cut down on a lot of the problems I was having, so yahoo for a product that actually works!

Rebuild is part of Seche Vite’s “Perfect Nail” line. It also includes Retain, which helps you to maintain your already healthy nails and Recondition which helps to add conditioning and flexibility to dry brittle nails.


I totally recommend Rebuild to anyone having the same problems I was having. Not everything works for everyone, so keep that in mind. I have heard plenty of people who loved Nail Tek’s line, but they don’t work for me at all. I would say even if you don’t have weak nails, this still makes a really good base coat!

Have you tried this or any other nail strengthening products? Which are your favorites?


Written by Kelly
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