Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics keeps the new fall makeup coming with six new nail lacquer colors.

It’s funny because the five I have (I am missing one called Vintage) remind me more of spring or summer colors. But it’s all good. 🙂

The formula of OCC nail lacquers is really nice. I don’t believe I have had any problems with them in the past and the same goes pretty much with these, except one.


Trick is a pale pink champagne shimmery frost. This isn’t my favorite color because it’s pretty sheer and I have definitely seen it before. This was three coats.


Twirl is a peach/pink creme. This is the one I had issues with on the formula. You can see it’s a bit streaky and uneven. Not a huge fan of the color on myself because it matches my skin too much. This was two coats, but maybe three would have been more even.


Something is a pale sky blue creme. Wow, I am in love. It might not be the most unique color on planet earth, but it’s just beautiful. The formula flowed like buttah! This was two coats.


Souse is a deep lavender with heavy gold shimmer. I love this one also! I totally didn’t expect to like this much from the bottle, but it’s really incredibly pretty and shimmery. This was two coats.


Strumpet is a plummy/red with very subtle shimmer. In fact I didn’t even know this was shimmery until I saw it outside. I went from thinking it was just another creme to really liking it on me. The shimmer makes the world of difference here. This was two coats.


I think this is a pretty good collection, though a couple didn’t work for me personally. I would have liked to have seen the sixth color (Vintage) which is a deep merlot with a satin finish. I think that one would be more of a classic fall color.

How are you feeling about these ones?


Written by Kelly
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