UPDATE: Venomous Villains is now online on MAC’s regular website!

MAC Venomous Villains limited edition collection for fall 2010 is a whopper! It contains a huge variety of products in four separate mini-collections: Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Evil Queen and Dr. Facilier.

Venomous Villains is a collaboration MAC did with Disney. They wanted to celebrate the dark side that each of us has deep down, but in a fun glamorous way.

The packaging obviously is the first thing that you will notice and possibly just love. I know I did. If this had been something like “The Disney/MAC Fairy Princess Collection” I think I wouldn’t have liked it HALF as much as this. When I think of the words “Venomous” and “Villains” the kind of colors I like (i.e. darker ) come to mind.

Back to the packaging. It’s all shiny black with pictures imprinted on each piece of the evil character. I am SOOO pleased they didn’t use stickers, because that just seem cheap and they always peel off.

Today I’ve got pics and some swatches of the Maleficent collection.

Maleficent contains the following products in it’s collection, most of which I have:

  • Mineralize Eye Shadow in My Dark Magic and She Who Dares
  • Lipstick in Violetta and Dark Deed
  • Lipglass in Revenge Is Sweet and Wrong Spell
  • Beauty Powder in Briar Rose
  • Nail Lacquer in Bad Fairy, Formidable! and Mean & Green

As previously mentioned, I sprained my ankle and am basically in bed for the next week, so I was unable to get nail swatches for now. Sorry! I will be posting them as soon as I am up and about though.

L to R: Formidable, Bad Fairy, Mean & Green

L to R: Formidable, Bad Fairy, Mean & Green

L to R: She Who Dares, My Dark Magic

She Who Dares

She Who Dares

She Who Dares is a deep navy with blue pearl and a deep forest green with lime green pearl

My Dark Magic

My Dark Magic is a deep pink with pink pearl and deep plum with purple pearl

My Dark Magic

L to R: She Who Dares, My Dark Magic (dry)

L to R: She Who Dares, My Dark Magic (wet)

L to R: She Who Dares, My Dark Magic (dry then wet)

These are both really gorgeous colors as far as I’m concerned wet or dry. Of course when you apply them wet they are so much more saturated and pretty.



Dark Deed

L to R: Violetta, Dark Deed

Violetta is a super bright violet purple. This color is on their MAC Pro site also and I’ve been wanting it for a long time. I am happy to have it with the special packaging now!

Revenge Is Sweet

Wrong Spell

L to R: Revenge Is Sweet, Wrong Spell

Briar Rose

Briar Rose

Briar Rose

Briar Rose (NC 20 skin)

Briar Rose is a pale pink with hints of violet. It’s called a beauty powder but to me it’s a blush. It’s a really pretty color, especially on fair gals such as myself.


Loving it! I love not only the packaging, but the colors inside, which is more important! There is nothing here I am disappointed with in any way. I have heard a couple of the nail polishes are dupes for some of Orly’s Cosmic FX collection, but I haven’t swatched them. Will keep you posted!

For pricing here goes:

  • Mineralize Eye Shadows are $21.00
  • Lipsticks are $15.50
  • Lipglass’s are $15.50
  • Beauty Powder is $25.00
  • Nail Lacquer’s are $13.00

These are available on the MAC Pro site now (or if you don’t have a Pro membership, you can order them on the phone) and will be in stores on September 30th in North America.

What do you like from this collection so far?

Ok the ice goes back on the ankle now 😀


Written by Kelly
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