What seems like about 4 months ago, MAC released their Nail Trend F/W 2010 collection. In reality it was only a few weeks ago, but time flies in the cosmetics world!

I already reviewed two of them here, and here finally are the rest (including the previously reviewed two because I like a whole collection at once)!

  • Concubine – Black and red with red shimmer
  • Earthly Harmony – Muted taupe with copper shimmer
  • Ming Blue – Cobalt blue with teal and red shimmer
  • Rain of Flowers – Blackened violet with violet shimmer
  • Imperial Flower – Bright reddish orange with red and gold shimmer
  • Jade Dragon – Emerald green with teal shimmer

These were all two coats and applied really nicely. I have had the chance to wear a couple of them by now and can say the wear is typical of MAC (and most other brands) for me. About two days with no signs of wear for a mani. About two weeks for a pedi.

Earthly Harmony

Earthly Harmony is a taupe/grey base with lots of gold/copper shimmer. Can I say yum? I love this color on me. If the base had been lighter I don’t think I would like it nearly as much. It’s a perfect oddball taupe.

Ming Blue

Ming Blue is a bright medium blue with multi-colored shimmer. The press release says it’s teal and red shimmer, but I see blue and pink shimmer. Either way I like this color, it’s really pretty, but might be my least favorite one here.


Concubine is a bright red with pink shimmer. This is just a gorgeous red color, and I love all the shimmer. It’s almost jelly-like in the finish.

Rain of Flowers

Rain of Flowers is a deep royal purple with pink, blue and purple shimmer. This has a very blackened effect depending on the lighting. It’s totally gorgeous, though I have a lot of polishes similar to this color already.

Jade Dragon

Imperial Flower


I think this collection is really, really nice and I genuinely like every color here. I think the must-have colors are Jade Green, Earthly Harmony and Imperial Flower. Rain of Flowers is also super nice if you don’t have anything like it already. Ming Blue and Concubine are really nice also, just not as interesting as the others for me.

Did you pick any of these colors up?


Written by Kelly
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