First things first: I am trying to not purchase or write about companies that test on animals anymore. This is something I have mentioned on Twitter a few times, but many of you might not be aware of it. Sally Hansen is one of those companies that is widely believed to test on animals. However these were bought and swatched before I made this decision so I thought I would show them anyway. I am planning a whole article about this subject soon, so stay tuned!

Waaaaaay back in spring (doesn’t that seem so far away now?) Sally Hansen came out with a new line from their HD Hi-Definition collection. I saw them in stores and decided to pick up a few.

The formula was nice, but too thin in my opinion. I wound up being disappointed that some of them weren’t more opaque. I used three coats for all but one, and some could have even used four (or more!)

I was also a little sad that these looked so amazing and duo-chrome-y in the bottles, but they didn’t translate as nicely onto the nail.


Byte is a bright fuchsia pink with purple/blue shimmer. Gorgeous pink, I really like this one. This was one of the slightly more opaque ones, but I still needed three coats to get even coverage.


Laser is a medium blue with flashes of purple/pink shimmer. This looked really cool in the bottle, you can see the strip of purple showing in the pic. But on the nail the purple flash was much more subtle. This was three coats.


Resolution is a green metallic with gold shimmer flashes. This is the oddball in the collection because it’s the only metallic. This was the best one here in my opinion. The formula was really great, I only needed two coats.


LCD is a light pink with a blue/purple flash. Bleh. This was so sheer that even after three coats I could have used two more, and it still probably wouldn’t cover my VNL.


Spectrum is a light blue with blue shimmer. This was pretty but it still left me wishing it was more opaque. This was three coast and you can see the VNL.


I’m not loving these really; I think the colors could have been more opaque and saturated.

Did you pick up any of these?


Written by Kelly
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