Physicians Formula is really stepping it up lately with their cosmetics! I never used to be attracted to anything they offered but recently I came across this beauty in the drugstore and wanted to try it out.

This is from the Shimmer Strips Pop collection, and this is for blue eyes. Of course really anyone can wear it, but these colors happen to really make blue eyes especially POP!

There are nine shadows in this palette and it comes with a little (useless) sponge applicator.

I don’t know why, but I was expecting these colors to fall flat. I expected chalkiness and just general “blah”. I was sooooooo wrong. Compared with most other drugstore shadows I have tried these might be the best.

First of all they are very soft and smooth. No gritty feeling, no chalkiness, no patchiness. Secondly, they are very opaque. Just a couple swipes (and just one for a couple of them) and you have major saturated color. Love!

I don’t have the names of these shadows, don’t think they had any actually. But here are some descriptions from left to right:

Shimmery bright white, shimmery subdued cornflower blue, shimmery medium brown, shimmery muted orange/bronze, shimmery medium blue.

These are the more subtle of the colors; lighter and not as POW as the other four. Still they are really pretty and definitely flattering for my eye color (deep blue/grey).

Left to right:

Deep shimmery copper, pale shimmery silver/blue, medium shimmery gold, dark navy blue with light blue shimmer.

Most of these ones pack more of a punch with the color and depth. The first and third ones especially are just amazing.


I am so happy that I tried these out and now I am on a Physicians Formula kick! They do have these in other colors for brown, green and hazel eyes as well. They also have mascara and liners, which I will have reviews of soon!


Written by Kelly
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