Recently I purchased some Nfu Oh nail lacquers. It had been quite awhile since I bought any and I needed a fix.

This time I went not only for flakies but also some cremes (more like jellies), which I hadn’t tried before. It wound up being a love/hate experience.

The love was for the colors themselves, quite pretty. The hate was for the formula, they were no bueno. They applied very unevenly and wound up pretty patchy. I also had major problems with the brushes being flooded with polish. :/


566 is a medium kind of murky/swampy green. Of the three I reviewed here, this applied the most patchy. I do love the color and it’s super shiny, but so hard to get even!


568 is a deep hunter green. Gorgeous color, very shiny.


569 is a very deep, almost black green. This was the easiest to apply of the three but still had to be very careful to get even coats. It’s gorgeous and long rumored to be a dupe for NARS Zulu. I have the new Zulu but am embargoed from posting it until September, so we will have to wait on comparison swatches for now. 🙂

568 + 56

Then I also got a few flakies, one of them being 56, so I tried it over 568 and it looks amazing!

569 + 56

I also applied it over 569 and it looks pretty much the same as over 568, just slightly darker.


I wish the formula on these was a little better and I HATE that the brushes get sooo covered with polish that it floods the tip as you are applying. That makes getting these looking good that much harder. If you have a little patience and love the colors though they might be worth it.

Have you tried Nfu Oh yet, which ones are your favorites?


Written by Kelly
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