Hey guys!

This afternoon I’ve got another installment of my Coffee Break series. If you don’t know what these are, basically it’s just an open session in which I give you some news about what’s going on, and you get to ask me questions about whatever you want!


I want to welcome all the new people I have recently seen on VV (and Twitter), thanks so much for reading the site! Without you I am nothing. 😀

Cool news:

Along those lines I am extremely excited to announce that this week I passed the 100,000 readers per month mark and almost 300,000 pageviews per month!! This is a HUGE milestone for me, I really never imagined that I would get that far, so thank you for that!

I always find it interesting to see who visits the site. The top 10 countries right now are:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Brazil
  4. UK
  5. Germany
  6. Singapore
  7. Netherlands
  8. Australia
  9. France
  10. Sweden

Kind cool huh?

VV 3.0:

So how are you guys liking the new website? Personally I love it! I find it much faster, easier to navigate and find things, and it’s much cleaner. I am very pleased with the job that Cred8 did with it. I have been working with my media company on removing those pesky pop ups and floating ads on the site, and think most of them are gone now.

I’m not sure if some of you were aware but I am still posting more personal pictures and things under the Personal tab on the top bar. If you want to comment on any of these posts (because the comment area isn’t always at the end of the post) all you have to do is click the title of the post and it will appear.

Anniversary giveaway:

The two year anniversary of Vampy Varnish is fast approaching (September 7th) and I have some really fun giveaways lined up for that entire week. It’s going to be 5 days of giveaways! I honestly can’t believe it’s been two years already. Time flies!

I’m sure you have noticed I am doing a lot more blogging about cosmetics by now. But I am also keeping up with nail polish posts, so never fear, those won’t go away. Hopefully you enjoy the variety of posts I am doing because I certainly do. It helps me from burning out!

Open forum:

Ok now I’ll turn everything over to you guys. Please ask me whatever you want and we can get some fun chatting going on! Whatcha doing this weekend? What’s for dinner tonight? Any exciting news you want to share? 🙂


Written by Kelly
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