Hello again!

I know many of you have been excited and anxious to see the new Zoya collections for fall 2010! Well I just posted Wicked and now have Wonderful, which consists of 6 new creme colors. Oh and did I mention one of them was named Kelly? YES, finally we have a Zoya Kelly, and I might add it’s totally unique and amazing 🙂

The formula on most of these was superb. Most only needed two coats for complete opacity.

Check out the swatches & review below!


Kelly is a dark grey with purple/blue undertones. I am actually very happy that they didn’t go with a typical “Kelly Green” color for this one. They even told me they thought that would be too obvious. This color is SO TOTALLY up my alley! Not only is it a grey creme, which I love, but it has thins amazing smokey blue/purple to it which makes it very unique compared to other grey cremes I have. I heart it and am really happy this is my namesake 🙂 This was two coats.


Shawn is a myrtle green color. What I love about this one is it’s full of color and pizazz, but still subdued and not too bright looking. I think it’s a really great green for a fall collection and my second favorite of this bunch. This was two coats.


Kristi is a bright cherry red. I love these kinds of reds that have pink in them, they are immensely flattering to my skin tone, and are always so shiny! This looks like more of a summer red to me, but I really don’t care because I don’t wear my polish according to season anyway. This was two coats.


Stacy is what they describe as a mahogany red, meaning a reddish/brown. Hmmm. I’m not sure I liked this one on me much. The color didn’t do much for me and I did have a hard time with getting the coats even, as you can tell. I believe this was two coats and I really should have done a third to make it more even. Not my fav personally, but do think it would flatter other people better.


Burke is a dusty, subdued red with brown undertones. This didn’t look like anything special to me in the bottle, but it turns out I kinda like it. It’s still got a bright, shiny thing going on, and it doesn’t look like most other reds I already own, so kudos! This was two coats.


Cola is a medium brown/red. They describe it as a desert sand red and when I Googled “desert sand red” and looked at the first link, it does indeed look like the sand in that picture! I can appreciate this color but didn’t love it on me. I had very minor issues with getting this one even, but not as bad as with Stacy. I used two coats here, but think three would have been more ideal.

Overall I think this is a pretty good fall collection with a couple stunners, which are Kelly, Shawn & Burke.

These should be available for sale starting today!

Ok folks I wanna know, how are you feeling this collection? Which ones do you want to pick up?


Written by Kelly
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