Have you heard of Sheswai Lacquer? I hadn’t until one of my readers turned me onto them recently.

Sheswai Lacquer is a company that was started by a California manicurist, named Debbie. For years she worked in some of the best salons & spas in Los Angeles, then in 2007 started doing manicures for fashion shows, magazines, film & television and the red carpet. Soon Debbie realized that she wanted to create something of her own, so she created Sheswai Lacquer.

Right now Sheswai has only 7 colors, what they call “the basics”. But here’s what drew me to them immediately. The bottle caps are made from sustainably harvested wood which is grown on family owned farms. That is SO cool! Not only are they responsible, they are very pretty and unlike any other polishes I can think of. Sheswai is also big-three free.

The formula for these was really nice. They were on the thick side, but not sticky or hard to apply. They were very opaque in just two coats.


what is a dark taupe/purple creme. This is very hard to describe because it’s got some brown, purple, grey and red to it. It’s a very unusual color, and I really liked it!

what bottle


totally is a bright fuchsia creme. This has a lot of purple in it and it’s very pretty and summery.

totally bottle

Overall I think this polish is really nice and I am definitely interested to see what they come out with in the future. I hope there are more “alternative” color options coming!

There are however two caveats I see with the brand right now. One is that you can only find them online, as far as I can tell. Two is that they are $16.00 per bottle, ouch! Considering it’s a new brand and people don’t know a lot about them I can see that people will be wary of spending that much. I do like the fact that a portion of the sales goes towards organizations that help educate people about sustainability, but still that’s a bit steep.

You can find more info about them here.

What do you guys think about these colors and the cool bottles?


Written by Kelly
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