OPI Swiss for fall 2010 is here!

This collection is made up of twelve new colors. One half of the collection is shimmery metallics, and the other is cremes. Today I’ve got the shimmery (better half) of the collection for ya.

The formula on these was pretty nice. They were thick and I got good coverage after three coats for most (some were two).

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Glitzerland is a C3PO gold metallic. I always think of C3PO when I see this color and that makes me happy. Love this gold because it’s not real warm, and suits my skin tone nicely. It’s got little flecks of other colors in it as well. This was two, very un-streaky coats.

The Color To Watch

The Color To Watch is a lavender with blue and pink shimmer. Totally in love with this color, it’s so pretty! This was three coats.

Cuckoo For This Color

Cuckoo For This Color is a deep emerald green with multi-colored shimmer. I love this kind of green and don’t actually think I have too many like it. This was three coats.

Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous

Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous (this name bugs me) is a smokey greyish silver with lots of shimmer. It’s got a bit of a green look to it also. I am kind of “meh” about this one for some reason, not sure why. It’s nice enough, but I don’t don’t LOVE it. This was two coats.

Yodel Me On My Cell

Yodel Me On My Cell is a vivid blue with green shimmer. In the bottle you see a lot of green shimmer, but it doesn’t quite translate that much on the nail. It’s still one of my favs of this collection though, very nice. This was three coats.

Diva Of Geneva

Diva Of Geneva is a glowy jewel-toned pink/purple/red with multi-colored shimmer. What can I say, this one is the star of the show for me! I am totally enamored. This was three coats.

Overall I think this half of the collection is spot on. They really came up with some fabulous, interesting, unique colors, and I am very pleased with it.

Stay tuned for part II of this collection soon, which features the cremes (mostly reds, LOUD SIGH).

How are you guys feeling about this half?


Written by Kelly
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