I haven’t done a stash post in awhile, and it’s grown significantly since the last one. I don’t have an exact count, but am guessing between 1700-2000 by now.

I hope you know I never ever do these posts to brag in any way, shape or form. This just happens to be something I collect, and I like sharing it with other people who like the same things I do. I love seeing other people’s polish and makeup stash’s, (and how they organize), so I thought you might enjoy this. 🙂

My stash is now organized by color, rather than brand like it used to be. I think I like this way better because I can find similar colors a lot quicker. The only issue for me (because I am SOOOOOO anal) is I can’t really organize by color, then brand because I would have to constantly re-shuffle everything around. SO it’s kind of bugging me, but I’ll get over it.

Here are my 4 drawer plastic bins from Target. Sadly I haven’t been able to find this kind anymore in stores, so I think they stopped making them. Such a bummer because they are a great height for nail polish and have rollers on the bottom if you need them. Also I don’t have them like this yet, but once we get the baseboards in the closet finished, I will stack these babies two-high (and drill them to the wall for earthquake safety) to save space.

Oh and check out the new carpet and wall color 🙂 I plan on doing before/after pics still, but things are in total disarray until the baseboards get installed.

Yellows and oranges. I didn’t realize I had this many yellows until they were all in one place!


In the front are random glitters and my CND Effects. After that we have “mixed metals” which include gold, bronze and copper colors. Silver is elsewhere.

Grey in the front/middle and nudes in the back.

White in the front and blue starting in front/middle all the way through the back.

All blue!

Drawer 1 of green. Look at all the green BB’s!

Drawer 2 of green

In the front is silver, in the back is black. And no, I am not a Raiders fan, I loathe them actually 🙂

Drawer 1 of purple

Drawer 2 of purple

Drawer 3 of purple. Turns out I have more purple than any other color!

These are the bins I have to settle for at Target now. They are only 3 drawer and much deeper and more narrow, so a lot of space is wasted, which irks me. But these are the only large ones that would fit nail polish. One bonus is they were only $9.00, whereas the others I think were $30-35.

Drawer 1 of pink

Drawer 2 of pink

Drawer 3 of pink

On the bottom of all my drawers I get this drawer liner stuff from the kitchen area in Target, and cut it to fit the bottom. That way the polish stays upright and doesn’t slide around on the slippery plastic drawer bottoms.

Drawer 1 of red

Drawer 2 of red

And there you have it! I do also have 1 more cabinet (a red Helmer from IKEA) that houses un-trieds and nail art/fake nails, but I didn’t take pics of that.

You can also check out the video of my stash on my YouTube channel (and see Chewy live!).


Written by Kelly
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