MAC’s new Dare To Wear collection has six new limited edition Lipglasses. These aren’t the same Lipglasses of ‘yore though, these are different!

First thing you notice is the tube is much longer and thinner than the other Lipglasses.

The texture of these is also very different. These are much less sticky, thinner and smoother. I felt like these applied really nicely, although they were on the less opaque side, so I had to apply more than I would with a normal Lipglass. Even though these are glittery, they didn’t feel gritty or rough-textured.

For me the non-stickiness is a huge bonus, I really hate the texture of regular Lipglasses, though I love the colors, so I do have a ton of them.

The two caveats I see here are that A. they are limited edition and B. they do cost $4.00 more per tube, for the same amount as a regular Lipglass. These are $18.00 and the regular ones are $14.00.

Dare To Dare

Dare To Dare is a pale pink with a nice blue flash of shimmer. I am always drawn to these duochrome type colors, so I love this one. This one is definitely on the cool side.

So Bad

So Bad is a coral shade with pink and gold shimmer. I didn’t love this one me, I had been hoping it was a little less orange. It’s definitely a warmer color.

Gimmie That!

Gimmie That! is a fuchsia pink with purple shimmer. This is gorgeous I love this color! This was pretty opaque compared to the first two, I needed to apply less.

Ban This!

Ban This! is a deep berry purple with purple and blue shimmer. Love this in the tube, but not so much on me. It’s a little dark for my skin tone I think, but it’s still beautiful. This was kind of a PITA to apply though. It was splotchy and I had to go over it quite a few times to get it even.

L to R: Dare To Dare, So Bad, Gimmie That!, Ban This! (NC 20 skin)

Overall I think they have a good thing here, but I wish that there were slightly more opaque and even textured. Also of course I don’t see why they always have to charge more on these limited edition items, just because it’s in a different tube.

The two other colors in this collection are:

Wind Me Up: Dirty bronze with pink and gold shimmer

Bold & Brash: Bright red with multi-colored pearl

You can find these on MAC online and in stores now.

Whaddya think about these?


Written by Kelly
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