Hard Candy has recently made a comeback at Walmart stores across America. Two weeks ago while in Alabama, I tried to beat the heat by browsing the local Walmart for cool “southern” cosmetic goodies. I was dismayed to discover that they didn’t have anything there that wasn’t already at my local Walmart. 🙁 Oh well! I did happen to walk by the rather large Hard Candy section and saw these puppies , which I hadn’t noticed at my store.

These are the Meteor-eyes Baked Glitter Eyeshadows and don’t they look amazing? Who could pass up these gorgeous, glittery, colorful babies?

Well now I kinda wish I had because these are all about the packaging and names rather than nice eyeshadow texture and color.

They look like they would be super pigmented and colorful, right? Well there are good things and bad things here, depending on which color you are talking about. A couple of them have a pretty paltry color payoff. The glitter in these is pretty messy and doesn’t “stay with” the shadow. In other words: fallout central.

Now granted I think you can probably use these wet or dry, and I only tried dry. Usually using these types of shadows wet gives you more pigment and helps keep the glitter on your eyes rather than all over your face. Also using a MAC paint pot in a nude shade will help it stick.


Asteroid is a blue glitter. Of the four I purchased, this was probably the most pigmented with the least fallout. It shows up on skin as a dark navy blue shadow with silver glitter.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse is a taupe/gold with hints of olive green. It’s got lots of gold shimmer. This was the second most pigmented of these and really a pretty decent color. These kinds of taupes always make my blue/grey eyes pop, which is a nice bonus.


Supernova is a deep purple with light purple glitter. Doesn’t this look like it would be awesome? Well not so much. Of the four this was the least pigmented. It was very chalky feeling and felt like most of it was glitter with not a lot of base color. A giant glittery mess. I was very disappointed with this one.

Space Cadet

Space Cadet is a emerald green with green glitter. This was just ok. It could have been more pigmented and I would have liked the color to be a little less “muddy” looking. The glitter wasn’t too bad here, especially compared with Supernova anyway, but I’m still not a big fan.

L to R: Asteroid, Lunar Eclipse, Supernova, Space Cadet

As you can see from above it’s pretty obvious which ones give you the most bang for your buck and which are not so hawt!

VV rating: C-

These and other colors are available at your local Walmart and are around $6.00 each.

Have you tried these yet and what’s your take on them?


Written by Kelly
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