Deborah Lippmann Fall 2010 Across The Universe & Bad Romance Swatches & Review

I am a huge liar. I tweeted out that I didn’t really want to buy the new Deborah Lippmann fall colors because they were chunky glitter and I wasn’t that into glitter. And yet, here we are.

To be fair, these were sent to me for review, I didn’t actually purchase them. However now that I know how awesome they are, I WOULD purchase them!

What made me shy away from these were the last chunky glitters I had reviewed from her. I had a lot of trouble getting them to look decent, and felt it was more time consuming to place the chunks “just so” than I wanted to deal with. But these are much better.

Bad Romance

Bad Romance is a black base with purple micro and hexagonal glitter in it. The black base is on the sheer side, but really is almost perfect with two coats. I should have used three, but I was in a serious hurry to beat the lowering sun, so I kinda slapped it on quickly. I love this color and the chunks didn’t give me any problems. I let the first coat dry for about 2 minutes before I went for the second one and that way, the larger chunks stayed where they were supposed to. This was two coats.

Bad Romance Zoom (and blurry)

Across The Universe

Across The Universe is a deep blue base with light blue micro-glitter and green and blue hexagonal glitter. I found this one to be a little “chunkier” than Bad Romance but still so much easier than previous chunk glitters by her. I love the color of this and especially love the green glitter. This one wasn’t as opaque as Bad Romance so it probably needs three coats. I used the same method here, waiting in-between coats before applying another one. The one thing I did notice about these is that if you initially don’t get the chunky glitter in a good place on the nail it can look a little odd. This was three coats.

Across The Universe Zoom

See how here almost all the chunks are lined up in the middle? Kinda weird, but it’s easy to move it around with a toothpick if you want. Though that is a bit of a PITA.

I am very glad I gave these a shot because I think the colors are really pretty and the formula is MUCH improved over last year.

These will be available on their website starting in August and are $18.00 each.

What do you think about these?



  • July 29, 2010

    i’m dying over AtU but could take or leave BR….or take it anyways šŸ˜€

  • July 29, 2010

    I am impressed with your BR picture, I had a hell of a time getting a picture of that one! ATU is beautiful, my favorite of the two!

  • July 29, 2010

    I got these both from nordies and i loooove them! Theyre great layered too, for better opacity. I hate that theyre so expensive, but theyre so unique i couldnt resist!!!

  • July 29, 2010

    I really like the look of these!
    LucyĀ“s last post…Refresh and Revive Spa Day at Crewe Hall – reviewMy Profile

  • July 29, 2010

    *sigh* So many polishes, so little time…I actually bought these for myself a few weeks ago and had Across the Universe on for a few days. I had been a little afraid of how chunky the glitter was, but it was so beautiful on the nail once all was said and done. This’ll be another set to throw on my pile of “to post” photos. :-)
    StephanieĀ“s last post…First PostMy Profile

  • July 29, 2010

    Hmmm…they are gorgeous on the nail but seem like they would be too much work to get the chunks in the right place (a good old PITA as you put it). Bad Romance ALMOST reminds me of the purple from the upcoming China Glaze Halloween collection you swatched last week. Although gorgeous I dont think I could spend $18 on one of these.
    Jen DrozĀ“s last post…The Results Are Inā€¦Are My Teeth WhiterMy Profile

  • July 29, 2010

    I’m still not sold on these. I went poking around C.O. Bigelow yesterday to see if they had them in stock so I could take a look at them in person, but no dice. Your swatches are some of the best I’ve seen, but I just can’t get into the sloppy look of the glitter being all haphazard, and for $18 I’d pretty much take any RBL polish over either one of these. Just not my thing, I guess.

  • July 29, 2010

    I am skipping these, for the price. I think they’re really pretty and unique but I know I won’t get much wear out of them. Thanks for the swatches!

  • July 29, 2010

    I really both of these colors! Very different type of glitter. Thanks for the swatches!

  • July 29, 2010

    I love how you’re able to do that close up of the nail. I can never get that quite right. Personally, I fell in love with Across the Universe even though I made an effort not to. Bad Romance… I thought I would love it a lot more than I actually did.

    • July 29, 2010

      Hi Sarah,

      It can be tricky. I use the macro setting, zoom in about 2-3 inches form the lens, hold my finger as still as possible and take a million shots. Then in Photoshop I zoom in closer before I crop it to get very close. It does take a lot of shots to get a decent one sometimes.

  • July 29, 2010

    I love the colors of these polishes, but the chunky glitter doesn’t work for me here. Maybe it needs to be denser? Or more coats? I dunno.
    I can imagine someone wearing a strapless, black silk dress on the red carpet with one of these polishes on her nails and it would look stunning, though! Great patience getting these to work for you, VV.

  • July 29, 2010

    Oh, I want these polishes so bad!
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  • July 29, 2010

    I’m thinking that August 4th can’t get here fast enough. That’s when I’m driving 120+ miles for a doctor’s appointment and I’ll be near a Nordstrom’s so I can get some Lippmans. I’m dying here!
    Krystal S.Ā“s last post…Beauty Debutante BlogMy Profile

  • July 29, 2010

    Oh wow these look lovely!! Great swatches Kelly, now stop making me want to buy them! šŸ˜‰
    Polish EarthgirlĀ“s last post…Zoya Wicked Teaser Alert!!My Profile

  • July 29, 2010

    I really like both of this, but I don’t know if I can stomach paying $18 each for them…they are very pretty though….AGH. :)
    ZaraĀ“s last post…So this is what happensMy Profile

  • July 30, 2010

    I don’t have any chunky glitters, just not into them. They look great on you though. Thanks for the swatches, you take a fab photo.

  • July 31, 2010

    I ordered the set from Nordstrom’s. I haven’t tried them out yet. These are really lovely! I swore I wasn’t going to buy anymore of these polishes because of the Funky Monkey or whatever it was. This made me change my mind.

  • July 31, 2010

    AWESOME!!!! Diggin’ in for one or both…

  • July 31, 2010

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  • July 31, 2010

    I say pretty! But I agree, sometimes those types of nail polishes can be a PITA! It’s all in the application..which can be time consuming*ugh* but your nails look nice, I’d b willing to give it a go…if they sell it here.

    Halo’s not getting the dress either! LOL LOL

  • August 3, 2010

    I think I need Bad Romance and need to get it before I see Lady Gaga this month. Loves it!
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  • August 5, 2010

    wow! I love Bad Romance (really don’t like the other one though!) Can I buy Deborah Lippmann in London? BTW sorry – I don’t actually expect you to know that!! but if anyone does know, please just let me know x