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Today I have a very fun new makeup brand for you called Sugarpill Cosmetics. What makes this especially exciting for me is that they are local to the Bay Area!

Sugarpill is the creation of Amy, aka Shrinkle on eBay and Etsy. She started out with a fashion line called Shrinkle on eBay in 2003. To match her wild, colorful clothing line she began wearing theatrical makeup from the brand Kryolan. Soon she realized that starting her own line of cosmetics was the way to go, so Sugarpill was born in 2010.

Right now the brand offers pressed eyeshadow singles and quads, loose eyeshadows, and false eyelashes.

I first saw reviews of these products back in February when they launched and was VERY impressed with what I saw. I love that she’s in Oakland, and of course want to support a fellow Bay Area company; but obviously I have to like the product first, which happily I can say I definitely do!

Read on for review & swatches of the Cold Heart Eyeshadow Palette!

First off the packaging of the quads is SO adorable. I am a total & complete sucker for cute packaging, and this definitely fits the bill. This is the outside box that the quads come in.

Here is what the case of the quad looks like. So cute. The heavy cardboard magnetic case opens up to a large mirror inside and it closes with a nice “thunk”. I am one of those people that likes the sounds that makeup makes; like the click of a lipstick snapping shut, etc. Anyway, these feel really nice,  heavy and sturdy in my hand, which is a huge plus. I have this idea in my head that the weightier something feels in my hand, the better quality it is. Except when it comes to cell phones and laptops. 🙂

L to R Clockwise: Poisoned Plum, Bulletproof, Afterparty, Tako

Here we have the four colors in the Cold Heart palette. What I love right off the bat is how vivid the colors are. Super saturated. Also the size of the eyeshadow pans are really fairly large at .14 oz. Just for reference, a MAC single Pro palette refill eyeshadow is 0.05 oz, so less than half of these! The palettes sell for $48.00 each, which may seem like a fairly high price for 4 shadows and a new brand, but they are definitely made with great quality and are good sized.

The only complaint I have about the actual palette itself is that the names of the shadows aren’t on it; they are on the back of the box it comes in. But that’s just a small thing, not anything to deter me from buying more.


Tako is a bright matte white. I like that it’s a super clean, bright, plain ‘ole white. Amazingly I don’t even own a pure white matte shadow yet!

Poison Plum

Poison Plum is a vivid royal purple with a slight shimmery sheen to it. This is probably my favorite one since I love purple so much.


Afterparty is a bright swimming pool blue with slight shimmer. This is another gorgeous one, my eye went right to it when I opened the palette up.


Bulletproof is a super dark jet black matte. Again it’s strange, but I don’t think I own a matte black eyeshadow, so this is a great addition to my ever-growing collection. Love how deep this is.

L to R: Tako, Afterparty, Poison Plum, Bulletproof

You can see from these swatches how pigmented they are. VERY! They are all very nice and silky also. I would say the silkiest one going on my hand was Afterparty, and the least was Poison Plum, but all were really nice.

I haven’t yet worn these on my eyes, since they are a little extreme for work, but I can’t wait to try them out on the weekend!

As I mentioned above, this palette was $48.00 but you can also buy these shadows as individuals, and they sell for $12.00 each. There is a $5.00 flat rate on shipping for all those in the US and then free shipping worldwide on orders over $75.00. Visit Sugarpill’s website here for more information and eye candy.

Stay tuned for more swatches & reviews from Sugarpill soon.

Ok guys I want to know how you feel about these, so let me know!


Written by Kelly
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