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Remember when I said I was interested in doing cosmetics reviews and I did that little poll? Over 53% of you said you would like to see them, 13% said they didn’t care (which I take as a yes), almost 4% were “Other” and then about 30% said no. I think I should have made it a little more clear that it didn’t mean I would stop doing nail polish swatches, this would be in addition to that. I think some people maybe were worried I wouldn’t be covering nails anymore, which I will!

I do plan on doing makeup reviews now because the fact is, I love makeup as much if not more than nail polish. For me it’s easier to swatch makeup than nail polish because it’s so much quicker and you don’t have to be as precise as polish and layer on coats, do clean-up, etc.

What I won’t be showing (for the most part) is a bunch of promo pics for upcoming collections. I rarely even do that with nail polish because I find it boring and uninspired when all people do is post promo pics. I won’t be sticking to one brand or anything either, it will run the gamut from inexpensive drugstore makeup all the way to the more expensive lines. For now at least I will be showing the stuff that jumps out at me personally, and what I would normally purchase. If things work out and this takes off, maybe I will be able to someday show more products. We shall see!

I am still toying with exactly how I am going to bring you these reviews once my new blog is up. I am thinking it might be on a totally different website, but that remains to be seen. Also some of this will be shown on my YouTube channel in video format rather than a post, but when I do videos, I always will post them on here also. If you haven’t yet subscribed, please do so! 🙂


Make Up For Ever has a new line of eye creme colors out called Aqua Cremes. They come in an array of colors, 22 in all, and I have two to show you today.


Emerald Green


Emerald Green

Basically what these are, are waterproof cream eyeshadows. They have an extremely creamy & smooth texture. The are also packed with “mother of pearl” particles to give off a luminous glow.

L to R: Turquoise, Emerald Green

As you can see from the swatches these really are very pigmented and bright! The Turquoise color is a beautiful medium aqua blue. Emerald Green is more of what I think of as a grass green, it’s very “spring-like” in color.

And they do NOT budge! This swatch is after I wiped HARD with a wet paper towel at least 7-8 times trying to get it off! Very waterproof indeed!

Just a quick and dirty pic of Turquoise on my lid. I just slapped some on with my finger and blended it out. They are very easy to blend.

One thing to keep in mind is they may be waterproof, but they are not crease-proof, at least not on me with my greasy-ass lids! I didn’t have on a primer (I usually use Too Faced or Urban Decay) and after about 2 hours, they creased a lot. But ALL shadows do that on me without a primer, so I don’t think that speaks to the quality of these or anything.

These are available on Sephora only right now and they are $22.00 each.

I am really anxious to try more colors but since they are on the more expensive side, I will have to buy them as I can afford them.

Have you guys tried these and what do you think about the colors?


Written by Kelly
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