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Today I’ve got some fun new colors from Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics for spring/summer 2010. If you haven’t heard of Cheeky Monkey, check out my previous post here.

This is a collection of 4 new colors that are all really great, though very different from one another. They might not all be what you think of when you think “summer”.

Check them out below!


Tease is a pale grey creme with strong hints of lavender. That is exactly what makes this color so special, in my eyes. I have a lot of pale grey cremes, but nothing like this. This applied very nicely, no streaking or any problems. This was two coats.

Get Wet

Get Wet is a light pastel turquoise. It’s seriously gorgeous and looks so shiny! This is the only color here I would consider a “typical” summer color. It did apply a little uneven and thin but after three coats it was totally smooth. Of all the blues I own, I do not have anything exactly like this one either! This was three coats.

Filthy Madame

Filthy Madame is a dark gunmetal grey with pink, blue and green shimmer. It’s very pretty, but I do feel like I have something like this one already. If you don’t though, you might want to snatch it up! This was three coats for maximum opaqueness.

Booty Call

Booty Call is a dark eggplant purple with pink and blue shimmer. IT GLOWS! I know as soon as I saw this in the bottle it would be amazing, and it is. Yay! This is a great all around color, but I think of fall when I see it. But who cares, I don’t wear colors according to season anyway. This applied very nicely and was two coats.

Overall I think this is a really nice collection. I like that it’s not typical for the season, and it runs the gamut of finishes and colors.

You can find Cheeky Monkey products here and the nail colors retail for $15.00.

I know a lot of people balk at higher prices for nail polish, but you really have to look at it from the “price-per-wear” standpoint, like anything else. I have very rarely ever gone through an entire bottle of nail polish (even before I had a large collection) and if I have, it took a few years. That’s pretty darn good in my book for only $15.00. And you also have to remember nail polish, no matter how old, can always be brought back to life, so you don’t have to toss it! I’m not trying to convince you one way or another to buy this or not, I’m just trying to point out something people might not think about when they look at price.

So what do you guys think about these colors?


Written by Kelly
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