I was in rare form last weekend. Maybe it was because it was a long weekend and I was so happy to not be at work. Or maybe it was because it was sunny and warm. Whatever the cause, I decided to try some (very basic) nail art. I was inspired by the cover of the June issue of NailPro Magazine here, and thought to myself, why, even I could do that!

You see, I am not really into nail art, and I have very little patience or time to learn it myself. But this was so simple and fun, I had to try it.

Oh and just to toss this in there, I am sure this has been done a million times before, I’m not claiming it to be original, but I’ve never done it! Oh and to state the obvious, these are totally NOT practical! 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Assorted Nonpareils

Rainbow coated nails

This is the same idea that was used on NailPro Magazine. Basically all I did was get a small bowl and fill it with rainbow colored Nonpareils. Then I painted on a sticky base coat like Nubar Foundation. Then I painted on one coat of a white polish like Color Club Ghost Of A Chance. I painted one finger at a time so that the polish would still be wet & sticky when it came time to do this next part. Next I placed my finger over one empty small bowl and poured the bowl filled with candies over the nail, making sure to turn it at all angles to fully cover the nail. Then once the candy was on I kind of shook off any extras. If there were weird pieces sticking out I just pushed them into place with another nail (or you could use a toothpick). So colorful & fun!

Orange sugar sprinkles

Orange sugar coated nails

Here it was the same idea as above, only easier because the sugar is so fine and it grabs on really easily to the polish. The base coat I used here is a bright orange from Orly called Sol Cabana. Sorry for the low lighting here; I get all my ideas at really asinine times and the sun was going down, but I HAD to do this right away, hahaha!

White Nonpareils

White coated candy nails

Here again I used the nonpareils but just plain ‘ole white ones. I don’t know why but I love the way this looks! This was also over Color Club Ghost Of A Chance.

Chocolate Jimmies

Chocolate Jimmie fingers

Ok before you laugh out loud, please know I am laughing with you. This looks ridunkulous, LOL! But I had them, so I wanted to try it anyway. I used Nubar Swiss Chocolate as the base here. Obviously these Jimmies are way larger and longer than the other candies, so getting them to stick and lay in angles that looked decent was hard. They kept falling off and looking weird. Basically it looks like I have rabbit turds on my nails! 🙂

Anyway that was fun, hope you enjoyed looking at them!


Written by Kelly
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