Hey world!

Sorry I haven’t been around, it’s been kind of crazy this past week.

On Thursday we were in the middle of having new carpet installed in the house when we got a phone call that a relative of Mr. VV’s was very sick, so we were worried of course. The carpet was installed from 9:30 am until 8:00 pm, then we had to get all the furniture moved back into the house and put the beds together. We were up util midnight doing that.

By Friday, which was also my birthday (and the most stressful one ever) things looked bad, so we had to get tickets for a flight to the south. We spent Saturday preparing to leave and getting as much of the house together as we could. The cats, especially Sammy, was totally freaked out by everything. Sammy was VERY upset because we got all new bedroom furniture and completely re-arranged the way it was set up. He used to sleep on top of our armoire, that was HIS spot, and we gave it away. So the first 2 nights he woke us up at 3:00 am crying and looking around for his spot. πŸ™ We do have a friend staying at the house with them though and he seems to be fine now.

On Sunday we got up at 3:30 am and flew out to Alabama. Things have improved greatly with Mr. VV’s relative since we got here, so it’s very good news and we can relax a little. Have I mentioned it’s HOTTER THAN HELL here? Oh yes, I know it’s only been summer for 3 days, but it’s already one of the hottest ones here. It’s been about 97-100 every day with massive humidity. The heat index has been 100-105. And the bugs. Ick

This was at 6:45 pm

Creepy beetle

On the 15th when the iPhone 4 was available for pre-order I had reserved mine for pick-up today. Needless to say I can’t pick it up because I am here, so I attempted to go to the Apple store downstairs. Um yeah, not so much. There were lines, but not hugely long. However it’s so damn hot out I only lasted 5 minutes in line then gave up. I don’t have it in me even though they had nice umbrellas for those who were waiting. Gotta wait until I get back home, LE SIGH!

Apple store lines

I have so many things to swatch for you when I get home, it’s not even funny. I have a lot of nail polish but also some fun cosmetics from Sugarpill, NYX, Evil Shades, Cargo, Stila, LUSH, etc. It kills me that I don’t have any pics uploaded to my laptop or WordPress so I haven’t been able to blog. Sorry!

Let’s see what else has been going on…OH I ate deep fried dill pickle spears for the first time ever and loved them as much as I thought I would. I wish they had deep fried olives at the hotel here because I would be all over that also. πŸ™‚

Deep fried dill pickle spears

If ever you have to stay in Huntsville, AL I highly recommend the Westin at Bridge Street Mall. It’s a new hotel located at this new outdoor mall, which is designed to look like Italy. It even has lakes and gondola rides! There are lots of restaurants here like The Melting Pot, Red Robin, PF Changs, The Smokehouse, etc. There is a lot of good shopping like Gap, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Icing, Loft, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, DSW, Apple, Victoria’s Secret and even an Anthropologie (I was shocked). Oh and did I mention the huge Ulta? Oh yes, there is a nice one here and I bought some goodies the other day. There is also a huge, nice movie theater.

The hotel has an indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub and a pretty good room service menu. Also flat screen LG TV’s. I think it’s the only 4 star or above hotel in all of Huntsville, so if you are picky (like we are) then this is a good spot for you!

View from our hotel room

We did go back to Mr. VV’s parents house a couple nights for dinner and visited with his childhood parrot who lives with them. His name is Pauly. I think he is about 30-40 years old and they usually live 80-100 years! He’s cute and all, but he doesn’t like me for some reason and he freakin squawks LOUD. Yeah no thanks.

Pauly the parrot

Anyway sorry if this bored you but it’s about all I can post for now until I get back home and get settled. We arrive home Saturday night. I keep thinking about all the thousands of books that still have to be put up on our bookcases.

Just some of my books

Oh and did I mention we haven’t even DONE the baseboards yet? Good times, good times.

Let me know what you’ve been up to, I miss chatting with you guys!


Written by Kelly
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