Happy Friday!

I’ve got a really cool brand spankin’ new BB Couture collection for you right now. It’s called Saints of Ruin and it’s comprised of 6 new very dark, delicious colors.

It’s not what you think of when you think of summer, but that’s what’s great about it! But I will be swatching their other new collection, Cantina Nights, which is more summery ASAP.

The formula on these was really great as usual. They were pretty opaque I only needed three coats on one of them. The metallic ones aren’t very streaky at all, which is nice.

Check them out!

Dying Time

Dying Time is a dark, steel grey metallic with flecks of pink, green and blue shimmer. It’s great because it’s a SUPER dark grey and the colored flecks make it more interesting than a plain old metallic. This was two coats.


Fairytale is a purple/blue with pink, blue and purple shimmer. It’s what I classify as a blurple; and though it might not be totally unique compared to other blurples I have, I still love it. Great formula also, this was just two coats.

Ruby Ruin

Ruby Ruin is a super dark wine red with very subtle red shimmer. I mean VERY subtle. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t a straight-up creme until I went outside and saw it in the sun. So because of the shimmer, I went from thinking “meh” to liking it. I have so many other dark red cremes like this, but can’t think of any with shimmer. This did give me a bit of cuticle drag though, so thin even coats, and waiting in-between coats is recommended. This was the only one that was three coats.


Ashes is a…hmmm…SO hard to describe! It’s like a purple/brown base jam packed with gold, pink, purple & green shimmer. It’s stunning, extremely unique and my favorite one here. This was two coats.

Dark Tommy

Dark Tommy is an ultra-dark almost black red with very subtle shimmer. Again the same thing with this one as Ruby Ruin; I wasn’t aware the shimmer was there until I saw it outside. I think this is as close to black in a red as is humanly possible! I think it’s pretty cool though. I like the shimmer and how dark it is. Very shiny also! This didn’t give me cuticle drag like Ruby Ruin and was much more opaque. This was two coats.


Nightmare is a blackened red with red glitter. It’s a really gorgeous color, though I do have others like it. Either way I like it and will be wearing it! This was also three coats as it’s a little less opaque than some of the others.

Overall I think this is a great, dark collection, very unexpected for this season.

The ones I think are especially unique and must haves for dark lovers are: Ashes, Ruby Ruin and Dying Time.

These are available on Overallbeauty.com already and they will ship ANYWHERE in the world!

What do you guys think?


Written by Kelly
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