It’s been a seriously hellish weekend for me, hope yours was better. We are preparing the house for new carpet in almost the whole house, so we actually have to pack everything as though we are moving out, YUCK! Hello knick-knacks, sigh. Also we are painting the office, 3rd bedroom and hallway before the carpet goes in so as you can imagine, it’s a lot of work in a few days time. I will show pics of the fresh paint when it’s all done because hey, it might not be polish, but it is colorful paint still!

As you might know, BB Couture has two new collections out right now. One is The Saints Of Ruin which I just reviewed the other day. The one I am showing today is called Cantina. This is much more of a classic “summer” collection, meaning bright, fun, cheerful colors and fun finishes.

I did have an issue about the formula on a few of these not because they were hard to apply, but because they were too sheer for my tastes. But to each his/her own!

Read on!

Pina Colada

Pina Colada is a very pale, lemon yellow with yellow glitter. As you can see, this is very sheer. I think it could look cool over black or something though. This was three coats.

Kiwi Margarita

Kiwi Margarita is a pale celedon green with glitter. This has a frosty-like finish to it, which doesn’t thrill me to death. It’s also very sheer. This was three coats.

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise is a bright coral orange with yellow shimmer. This wasn’t one I was expecting to love, but I really do. SO perfect for summer! This was two coats.

Hangover Blues

Hangover Blues is a turquoise blue creme with very subtle yellow shimmer. I mean subtle; it’s really hard to pick up. Totally my kind of color though, I heart it. This was two coats.


Grasshopper is a bright, light green with tons of yellow, pink and green shimmer. This does go on sheer at first but builds up nicely after three coats. I was very happy about that because I really love the color. This was three coats.

Sex On The Beach

Sex On The Beach is a cherry red with multi-colored shimmer. It’s pretty and fun, and this was two coats.

Bahama Blue

Bahama Blue is a medium kind of mellow blue with pink, blue & green shimmer. I really love this blue because it’s kind of unexpected. I feel like you don’t often see this kind of blue, it’s usually much lighter or darker. This was two coats.

Huckleberry Martini

Huckleberry Martini is a bright royal purple with blue and pink shimmer. This is absolutely gorgeous, I love it. You do have to watch it a little with this one because it’s very slightly streaky, but not that bad. This was two coats.

Overall although this is a very different collection from their other recent summer one, it’s still really nice. There are a few here I could live without, but a few I think are really great to have.

You can find these on now.

What do you think guys?


Written by Kelly
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