As you probably already know, Sally Hansen has a new-ish line out of polishes called Complete Salon Manicure. Well there are some new colors for summer 2010 and I’ve got a few to show you.

Sadly, most of these are pretty sheer. The dreaded sheer. I don’t think I know a single person who actually likes sheer colors, so I can’t figure out who they are marketing these to unless they just want you to buy it because it looks good in the bottle, or they expect you will layer it. Either way I was a little disappointed with the lack of opacity, but I still liked all the colors.

The formula was pretty good on these (despite the 3 coats minimum), but I’m not fond of the wide, tapered brush much.

I want to apologize in advance of these pics, they are not my best. I was rushing, it was late afternoon, and they are washed out. All the pics sucked, but I figured I could still show the best ones I took.

Check them out below.

Ring My Shell

Ring My Shell is a very pale pink/lavender with silver shimmer and a flash of yellow/gold. I like that this isn’t a plain ‘ole pale pink shimmer, it is unique. This was three coats.

Ring My Shell (zoom)

Sea And Be Seen

Sea And Be Seen is a cornflower blue shimmer with various colored particles that make it flash purple and green and pink. It’s very pretty, but I was hoping for more opacity. This was three coats.

Sea And Be Seen (zoom)

Dive Deeper

Dive Deeper is a very pale silvery blue with green/blue/pink shimmer. Again I really like this color, but it was sheer still after three coats.

Dive Deeper (zoom)


Lagoon is a very pretty blue/green metallic shimmer that flashes yellow. This looks like a duochrome in the bottle, but on the nail you don’t really see it much. This was my favorite one of these because it was nice and opaque. This was two coats.

Lagoon (zoom)

Overall I do like the colors but not the sheerness of these. I can definitely see layering the first three over darker color or blues/purples/pinks/greys and they would look amazing.

I found these at my local Walgreen’s, and they were around $6.00 each, I believe.

How do you guys feel about these?


Written by Kelly
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