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Today is kind of a sad day because yesterday one of my childhood musical icons passed away from stomach cancer at the young age of 67. His name was Ronnie James Dio and he was the singer of Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I listened to his music, and I was lucky enough to see him in 1985. Your music will live on forever RJD!

Ok now onto the polish! Today I’ve got BB Couture’s new collection called Men’s Formal.

This is yet another stunning cool collection from BB. They keep coming and more are on the horizon!

The formula on these was really great, as always. A few were a wee bit streaky but nothing to complain much about.

Let’s take a peek!

BB Couture Award Medal
Award Medal

Award Medal is a shimmery greenish/khaki/gold color with a purple duochrome effect. It’s really gorgeous and you have to see it in person to really “get it”. This was three coats.

BB Couture Ceremony

Ceremony is a sea-green shimmery duochrome that flashes purple and a brown-ish color. This one is another that is totally stunning and unique! This was three coats.

BB Couture Dinner Jacket
Dinner Jacket

Dinner Jacket is a blurple shimmer that flashes both purple and blue with pink, green and blue shimmer. It’s REALLY pretty! This was two coats.

BB Couture Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal is a olive/muted celedon green shimmer with a slight silvery frost. But not frost in an icky 80’s way. This was a little streaky because of the frost finish, but still gorgeous. This was two coats.

BB Couture Incognito

Incognito is a muted dusty purple with heavy pink, blue and purple shimmer. Another great and unique color! This was three coats.

BB Couture Tuxedo Night
Tuxedo Night

Tuxedo Night is a blackened brownish/red with red and gold glitter. I wasn’t all that impressed with the first coat of this but by the second I was sold. It’s very glowy and pretty. And no, it’s not a dupe for Napa Valley Red 🙂 This was three coats.

Overall I am super pleased with this collection because it adds some really pretty and unique colors to my ever growing BB collection.

I will be reviewing their other new men’s collection one soon, so stay tuned!

These are available on Overall Beauty now and International folks, Kim at Overall Beauty will ship anywhere so you can get these!

What are you thinking about this collection, hit or miss?


Written by Kelly
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