Good morning/afternoon/evening.

This is a post some of you probably won’t like.

The picture above is very apt in reflecting how I am feeling right now. You see, I am at a crossroads when it comes to this blog. I love blogging mainly because I love to write and connect with people. However the amount swatching and picture editing that I have to do in order to keep this blog running is starting to get to me.

I literally have no life! I work a regular ‘ole job 5 days a week then swatch, edit and write all weekend long. I live and die by the sun. Ok slight exaggeration but you know what I mean.

I’m not one to do anything for long that I don’t care about, and I tend to be able to walk away from things fairly easily (it’s the restless Gemini in me). So before I throw in the towel, I am taking some much needed time off away from this blog and Twitter, to determine if my heart is still in Vampy Varnish. It might be a month or might be a couple months, I really don’t know. But I figured I better think this through carefully before I drop some more cashola on a new blog design!

Thanks to everyone for your support. You have all kept me going this long!


Written by Kelly
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