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Yet another Monday to struggle through, let’s hope it goes FAST!

Today I’ve got Duri’s Paparazzi collection for summer 2010. I will be reviewing the spring Paparazzi collection tomorrow. I know I am doing these kind of backwards, but I am most excited about this one. šŸ™‚

I’ve reviewed many Duri colors in the past and found that I like the vast majority of them. They have a lot of colors that have the ‘lit from within’ thing going on, and I love that.

The colors in this collection don’t seem like typical summer colors, but that’s fine with me because most of them are very unique and gorgeous!

Read on!

Tabloid Rumors

Tabloid Rumors is a steel grey with pink, yellow, green and blue shimmer. I thought this was going to be a plain old steel grey shimmer when I saw the bottle, but I was very pleased that it wasn’t. I think this is a really unique grey and I love it. This was two coats.

Gossip Exclusive

Gossip Exclusive is a brown/plum base with multi-colored shimmer. This is SUPERB! Honestly I didn’t think I would like this much at all, but I put it on and it was immediate love. The color isn’t a chocolate brown and it isn’t plum but it’s a combo of both maybe with some red in it. And the shimmer is totally hot. This is my favorite of this collection believe it or not! This was two coats.


Paparazzi is an emerald green with light green shimmer. This is a nice green and I don’t have a lot of greens in this particular shade. But somehow I’m not totally sold on the color for me personally. This was two coats.


Bombshell is a cherry red with red and gold micro-glitter and a bit of a pink flash. This screams Christmas to me for some reason even though it is a really bright summery looking red. This was two coats.

Celebrity Scandal

Celebrity Scandal is a metallic silver foil. This is like liquid dimes, it’s SUPER silver and shimmery. The Tin Man for your nails. I like this but I do have a couple others like this (Zoya Trixie to name one). This was two coats.

Divas Only

Divas Only is a purple/pink duochrome with green/yellow/pink flash. If this looks very familiar to you it’s because it is in fact a dupe for Zoya’s Adina. Adina is actually more opaque and I only need two coats for that. This was a little more sheer and I used three coats. Check out comparisons below. This is less expensive though at $5.00 compared to Zoya’s $7.00.

Zoya Adina on pinkie and ring and Duri Divas Only on middle and pointer

Zoya Adina on pinkie and ring and Duri Divas Only on middle and pointer

Zoya Adina on pinkie and ring and Duri Divas Only on middle and pointer

Even in the bottles they look pretty much totally identical.

Overall I think this is a really great collection. I like that it wasn’t a typical summer collection, some colors looked like they belonged with fall polishes. There are a couple here I am super happy with which are Tabloid Rumors and Gossip Exclusive. I also love Divas Only, but like I said, I have that already!

These are available now on Duri’s website here and they retail for $5.00 each.

How do you feel about this one guys?


Written by Kelly
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