Yep, it’s Tuesday. My second least favorite day of the week next to Monday. 😉

The much anticipated Pastels from Illamasqua for spring 2010 are here ladies & gents! I have two of the four to show you today.

Can I just say, I was worried about the formula. Like really worried. I thought for sure these were going to be super thick and streaky and hard to apply, like most pastels are. I was SO wrong! I kid you not when I say these applied like any of the most perfect polishes I have ever used, pastel color be damned! Another positive is they were totally opaque in just two coats! Peep ’em!


Caress is a pale baby blue color. First off I must say I love this color, it’s one of my favorite kinds of blues. And secondly, I don’t have any other pastel color like it, so it’s unique as well!


Nudge is a pale light green. Now this isn’t a mint green people, it’s pastel green but not very minty! For that I say yay because we have seen tons of mints lately, and I was hoping for something a little different, which this is.

I am dying to review the other two in this collection, which I will be getting when they come stateside. The other two are Wink, which is a lavender and Blow, which is a yellow.

These are available on Illamasqua’s website now and will be available at Sephora starting in May.

What say you, are you digging these?


Written by Kelly
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