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Today’s post is part one of a two part series of pics of our trip to Death Valley, CA. This wasn’t really a planned trip or a huge amount of fun. It was more of a healing, getting away from the world after our beloved Chase died, kind of trip. Either way, we did have a good time, despite the circumstances.

Death Valley, or any desert I presume, is a great place to find desolation and quiet if you need it. I had never been here before this trip and it was pretty much as I had expected. Very quiet and serene. Hardly any people. It’s the kind of place you DO NOT want to get stranded in! The park itself is 3.4 million acres and 90% of that is total wilderness!

February through April is actually the “busy” season here because it gets so hot in the traditional summer months. In fact the second highest recorded temperature on earth was here in 1913 when it hit 134 degrees, yikes! Luckily for us, the temps were between 65-72 when we were there, which was perfect.

The place we actually stayed at in the park is called The Furnace Creek Inn & Ranch Resort. Down the way they have a huge RV park and little “town” with a general store, a couple cafes and some other small buildings. Even though the RV park was sold out and there were tons of campers everywhere, it was so quiet and not very common that you saw people out and about. That’s how huge this place is.

Entering the park

The long road to nowhere

Furnace Creek Inn

The pool and firepits

Furnace Creek Inn

The Inn has this neat little “oasis” spot with palm trees and a little pond. It was lit up at night and really pretty.

Scotty’s Castle

Natural Bridge Canyon

Stay tuned for part II where we visit the lowest point in North America!


Written by Kelly
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