Today I have a weird hodge podge kind of post.

I have some Sinful Colors that I wanted to show but I also wanted to show a comparison of some glitters that have all come out recently and are very similar.

Uhhh nothing much else to say other than check the reviews and pics below! 🙂

Nail Junkie (without flash)

Nail Junkie is a pale sheer-ish sea-green jelly with multi colored and sized glitter in it. We’ve got some round glitter and some flake glitter, which I think makes this pretty interesting. I don’t think I would wear this on its own since it’s so sheer, but it would look crazy (good) over another green or black. This was three coats.

Nail Junkie (with flash)

Hottie (without flash)

Hottie is a pale blue/purple sheer-ish jelly with multi colored and shaped glitter. Same thing with this as Nail Junkie, on its own too sheer for me but it would make a great layering color. This was three coats.

Hottie (with flash)

Sinful Colors Frenzy

Frenzy is a clear base with round purple and blue glitter. This is a basically dupe for Nicole by OPI Gone Wishin’, but different from the other two. I say basically because this one does have more glitter per brush stroke than Gone Wishin’ does.

Sephora by OPI Too Good For Him

Too Good For Him is a clear base with purple, blue and silver glitter. The only reason this is any different from Frenzy or Gone Wishin’ is because of the silver glitter, otherwise they are all dupes.

Illamasqua Boo!

Boo! is definitely different from all these. The glitter in Boo! is also purple and blue, but it’s super tiny, and spreads across your nails almost like sugar, not chunkier glitter.

Nicole by OPI Gone Wishin’

Gone Wishin’, as mentioned above, is a dupe for Frenzy, except it has more sparse glitter per brush stroke. If you added another coat (this was three) it would look the same I think.

From left to right:
Sinful Colors Frenzy, Sephora by OPI Too Good For Him, Illamasqua Boo!, Nicole by OPI Gone Wishin’

So there you have it, you DON’T need all those purple and blue glitters afterall!


Written by Kelly
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