Sephora by OPI has some new colors out for spring! There are 6 new colors, and I have the four that appealed to me the most.

I am apologizing again for these not so great pics, sorry!

Handpicked For Me

Handpicked For Me is a pink/lilac, shimmer. This pic is kinda blown out, the color is a little deeper in real life. This was a wee bit sheer and I used three coats to get it to this opacity.

Go With The Flow-er

Go With The Flow-er is a bright pink jelly with pink shimmer. This is the kind of jelly I really like, very opaque. The formula was really great, though I needed three coats.

It’s Bouquet With Me

It’s Bouquet With Me is a sheer lilac polish with purple and silver holo glitter. I honestly don’t even know why I bought this one because I’m not really a glitter gal. Somehow they always speak to me in the bottle, but when I put them on I feel like I’m 12 years old. They just don’t work for me, but I can see why people love them. This was three coats for maximum glitter-oficity (lol!).

Leaf Him At The Altar

Leaf Him At The Altar is a leaf green frosty metallic shimmer. Hmmm. I loved it in the promo pics and even in the bottle, but it’s not as cool on me as I wanted it to be. I think the frostiness turns me off. It’s still nice, but it’s not making it into my top 20 greens. This was three coats.

The other two colors in this collection are:

Cover Me In Petals: Vivid tigerlilly red orange

Iris I Was Thinner: Medium iris purple

You can find these at Sephora now and they are $9.00 each.

What say you?


Written by Kelly
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