Here we are on Monday, yet again, sigh.

Color Club has a new collection called Rebel Debutante for spring 2010. The flyer I got with these says “Rebellious shades that go from classic to trendy”. I’m not so sure I totally agree with the statement that these are rebellious shades. I think this collection is fairly tame actually. There are a few standout colors here, but I didn’t feel like anything totally original was created in this collection.

The formula was pretty good on these, if a but thick. A couple were harder than others to apply and I’ll note those ones below.

Check them out below!

Who Are You Wearing?

Who Are You Wearing? is a pale white/grey. I wound up liking this more than most of the others for some unexplained reason. It’s just a very pretty light color, but isn’t boring. I think I like the grey in it. This was on the sheer side so was three coats.

High Society

High Society is a mushroom taupe creme. You know I liked this one, right? Even though I have quite a few of these colors, they mushroom colors are some of my favs. They are unusual and just so pretty! This was three coats.

Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl is a medium kind of greyed out purple. This has a slight dusty quality to it. I really love this on me in this picture, but I wore it the other day and somehow it didn’t look as good! Very strange. This was three coats.

She’s So Glam

She’s So Glam is a bright blue-based pink. This was on the thicker more streaky side, as these pinks usually seem to be. I like it, but I think I have a few others that are very similar. This was three coats.

Rebel Debutante

Rebel Debutante is the namesake of the collection and definitely the most “rebellious” color. It’s a bright lime green. I don’t love it on me though. Lime greens aren’t my favorite kind of green, I prefer darker or more olive toned ones. This was on the streaky thick side also and was three coats.

Gossip Column

Gossip Column is a bright medium blue with a hint of slate grey in it. It’s pretty, but I’m not totally in love with it. This was two coats.

Ms. Socialite

Ms. Socialite is a bright purple with a lot of pink in it. Again I think this is pretty, but I’m not wowed much by it. This was two coats.

Best Dressed List

Best Dressed List is a sand or camel colored beige. I really don’t like this on my skin, it’s just not working for me at all! This was three coats.

Charity Ball

Charity Ball is a burnt orange/brown creme. These colors never look good on me, they just don’t appeal to me at all. I can see how they might look good on different colored skin maybe, but I have to say I really don’t like this color. This was three coats.

Overall I think this was kind of a strange collection. I don’t think it was very unique or edgy, like I expect from Color Club.I hope to see more interesting things from them in the near future!

These are available already at various e-tailers.

How are you feeling about this collection guys?


Written by Kelly
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