Good Monday morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I’ve got an eagerly anticipated new collection from butter LONDON called Jelly. This is for spring 2010.

The three colors in this collection are all sheer, juicy, shimmery jelly polishes. The idea behind these was to wear either one coat for just a wash of color, or multiple coats for more impact. You can also mix and match them.

I admit, the idea of sheer polishes doesn’t excite me that much. I am a fan of the seriously opaque, so while these are not my taste per se, I can totally appreciate them for what they are meant to be.

The application was really great. As expected they are very sheer after just one coat, but build up nicely after three. I didn’t try layering them yet, but can imagine a whole world of possibilities! Peep them out!


Chuffed is a sheer tangerine jelly with shimmer. Chuffed means to be very happy with yourself or pleased about something in Jolly Old England. This was the sheerest one of the three and you can see here even after three coats, you have very definite VNL (visible nail line). It reminds me of a popsicle!


Twee is a magenta pink jelly with shimmer. Twee means cute, quaint or dainty in British slang. This seemed to be the most opaque of the bunch. This was three coats here.


Stroppy is a grape purple jelly with shimmer. Stroppy means touchy or belligerent in British slang. This one was my favorite one of the collection. Even though after three coats you can still see my VNL, I still really like it! I think I actually would wear this one on it’s own. And I think over something dark, it would look amazing!

These are available right now for pre-order on butter LONDON’s site here, and they retail for $14.00 each.

Ok guys I know some of you were REALLY interested in these, what do you think now that you have seen them on someone?


Written by Kelly
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