Hallo mates!

As you may or may not have heard, Zoya has released their spring collection, hurrah! It’s called Reverie and it’s six really cool colors.

I must admit, when I saw promo pics I wasn’t all that excited about most of these. However after seeing them in person and swatching them, I have totally changed my mind. These aren’t just plain old cremes or colors we have seen before. They are shimmery, metallic, gorgeous iridescent/duo-chromes!

You may be asking, what exactly is a duo-chrome or iridescent? I looked online a ton and in dictionaries in my house, and couldn’t find any true definition for the word “duo-chrome”. In fact almost all instances of it on Google were people describing makeup, so I don’t think its “technically” a word. However, iridescent is the same thing as a duo-chrome and that is a word. Iridescent colors “flash” showing other colors when you move them around in different lighting and angles. They produce a display of rainbow-like colors or can be seen as having an “oil-slick” effect. Hope that makes sense!

I think this probably goes without saying at this point but I will anyway. The formula was fabulous on all of these, and they were all two coats.


Laney is a silver iridescent metallic that flashes yellow/green, very subtly. This picture doesn’t show the yellow/green, but it is there. There was a tiny bit of streakiness with this color, but nothing to really complain about!


Adina is a purple iridescent that heavily flashes green/yellow/pink/gold/silver. This is definitely the star of this collection. It’s named after Adina from the Krasey Beauty blog, and it’s an amazing color! This of course was my favorite one


Reece is a medium pink iridescent that flashes gold/yellow and green. This is a really great pink, I love that it’s not just a plain old pink creme.


Happi is a cotton candy colored pink with yellow/gold iridescence. This one also is really gorgeous and I think my second favorite of this collection.


Gwin is a bright coral orange with gold/yellow/green iridescence. This is yet another beautiful unique color and a coral/orange that looks good one me no less!


Lana is a orange/red with gold/yellow/green iridescence. This is also very pretty and unique.

Overall I am very pleased with this collection, much more so than I thought I would be. The stand-out, must-have colors in my opinion are Adina, Happi and Gwin.

These are for sale now on Zoya’s website here and they retail for $7.00 each.


Written by Kelly
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