Afternoon ya’ll!

The site is back up and running after a snafu this morning!

Orly has a new collection for spring 2010 called Bloom, and I have a few of the colors for you today.

The formula is fantastic on all these. Creamy, opaque, smooth and just two coats on all. Check them out below.

Blushing Bud

Blushing Bud is a bright, cool pink creme. It’s super duper pretty with my skin, and I actually really like it. Makes me JONES for spring in a big way!

Wild Wisteria

Wild Wisteria is a really dark grape purple creme. This one would tend to look “black-ish” in low lighting, but I still think it’s very pretty.

Wandering Vine

Wandering Vine is a medium green creme. What I like about this color is that it’s not so dark it looks black. There’s no mistaking, it’s straight-up green! Reminds me of the felt on a pool table. πŸ™‚

There are three others in this collection which I don’t have. They are:

Ginger Lily – Burnt orange shimmer

Thorned Rose – Dark red creme

Pure Petunia – Mauve creme

Spring has sprung (in nail polish land anyway)!

I have tons of new spring collections to show you, if the sun would just cooperate and come out on the weekend so I could actually swatch!


Written by Kelly
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