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Today I’ve got Nubar’s new spring collection called Sparkles. This is a collection of eight colors packed with very fine, sugar-like glitter.

For me, the formula on these wasn’t the greatest. Having said that, I was rushed and didn’t have a lot of time to let each coat dry in-betwen coats. These do tend to cause bald spots and cuticle drag if you apply the coats too fast, and that’s what I did. So I can’t say for sure if it was the polish’s fault or mine or both. But some of these did turn out better than others.

In these pics I started off with the sun shining but literally 15 minutes later it was completely grey and cloudy. So you might notice some pics are darker than others, sorry can’t fight Mother Nature! πŸ™‚

Oh about removal, yes it’s a pain. Just remember, soak a cotton ball in remover, leave it on your nail for 20-30 seconds then wipe off in one single hard stoke down the nail. Then use the other clean side of the cotton ball or a new one for the remaining glitter so you don’t spread it around.

Now peep em out!

Star Sparkles

Star Sparkles is filled with silver and holographic glitter. What I really liked about this is that the coverage was really great. A lot of times when you have a silver glitter polish, it seems sparse and isn’t very opaque. This is great on it’s own. This was three coats.

Sky Sparkles

Sky Sparkles is a clear base with sky blue glitter. This one wasn’t as opaque as I had hoped. I wish the base was colored as well. This was three coats.

Meadow Sparkles

Meadow Sparkles is a clear base with celadon green glitter. This is another one I was wishing was more opaque. Maybe after four coats it would cover completely, but that’s a lot of coats!

Violet Sparkles

Violet Sparkles is a violet base with purple/pink glitter. Now this one I loved! It looks amazing and covered pretty much everything in three coats.

Fire Sparkles

Fire Sparkles is a red base with red glitter. This is another great one, very opaque in three coats.

Hyacinth Sparkles

Hyacinth Sparkles is a clear base with purple glitter. I really liked this and barely had any bald patches (the ones that I had were because of my fast application) after three coats.

Night Sparkles

Night Sparkles is a deep blue base with light blue glitter. This is gorgeous, again the bald patches are my fault here. This was three coats.

Petunia Sparkles

Petunia Sparkles is a fuchsia base with pink glitter. This one is the coolest one of the bunch for me. The coverage on this was so amazing, this was only two coats!

Overall I liked this collection but did have issues with the thickness of the polish. But again, I was rushed. I liked the ones with a colored base more than the ones with a clear base. They are just more opaque and have more impact. The others I wouldn’t ever wear on their own, they would be great top coats to other polishes though.

These should be released on January 30th and you can find them on Nubar’s site here.

Will you be getting some sparkles?

Weekend time!

So what are your exciting plans for this weekend? I am excited because it’s supposed to stop raining on Saturday, at least for a day or two. It’s been POURING rain here since Sunday, which isn’t normal. I feel like I was suddenly transported to Seattle and no one told me! I don’t really have plans though other than to sleep in. πŸ™‚


Written by Kelly
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